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miHoYo wants you to design a BUS to celebrate Genshin Impact's first birthday

In celebration of Genshin Impact’s first anniversary, miHoYo announces a new bus art submission contest that rewards players with a variety of Apple products, Primogems, and other rewards.
miHoYo wants you to design a BUS to celebrate Genshin Impact's first birthday

Earlier today, Genshin Impact announced a bus art submission contest in celebration of the game's upcoming anniversary.

In the year since its release, Genshin Impact has become one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful gacha-RPG titles, and with its first birthday approaching many in the community are looking to miHoYo to see how they intend to celebrate it and perhaps because so many have become travelers, the developers have opted to launch a competition that will ask players to design an artwork that will be wrapped around a bus.

The bus art competition has commenced and players can submit a drawing that captures the theme of Genshin Impact and its anniversary. The dimension of the art should be 4800 X 2700, and its print resolution, that is, DPI, should be 300. 

Genshin Impact bus competition
The Genshin Impact bus art contest is a good way for both Genshin and non-Genshin players to put their work out there. (Picture: miHoYo)

The publicity bus art competition will end on 13th September. Participants can submit their work to "[email protected]," or they can Tweet it with the following tags: @GenshinImpact and #GenshinImpactAnniversary.

The winners of the art competition, who will be announced on 20th September, will get an Apple iPad Air 10.9-inch + Primogems × 3,000, Apple Watch Series 3 + Primogems × 1,000, and other rewards.

miHoYo has also announced a Genshin Impact global concert event featuring symphonic performances of the authentic Genshin Impact music in Belgium and creative covers reimagined by artists from various countries.

Genshin Impact mihoyo bus campaign
The Genshin Impact global concert will be free for all and it will feature Yu-Peng Chen’s famous works. (Picture: miHoYo)

In a press release, miHoYo said:

"The game is set in the vast world of Teyvat consisting of seven nations, each with a dedicated musical theme that evokes the history and culture of that area. The original Genshin Impact soundtracks are produced by HOYO-MiX, miHoYo’s in-house music team, and written by accomplished composer Yu-Peng Chen. Using traditional orchestral music as the base, Genshin Impact’s soundtracks incorporate assorted elements of world music in themes and variations for different areas.”

miHoYo further explained how they will present the multiple covers of Genshin Impact music to the world. They said, “In addition to a symphonic performance of the Genshin Impact soundtrack by a full classical orchestra, the approximately 90-minute concert will also have multiple stages in countries including the United States and South Korea, featuring reimagined iconic tracks adapted and played by various individuals and groups of artists.”

So far outside of the game, miHoYo has announced the bus art competition and the global concert that airs on 3rd October as their way to celebrate Genshin Impact's first anniversary.  

Genshin Impact bus
Players will get ten free wishes in celebration of Genshin Impact’s anniversary. (Picture: miHoYo)

In the game, players will get ten free Intertwined Wishes in the second phase of the version 2.1 update and a free character five-star character Aloy.

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