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Which Genshin Impact character are you?

We explored some fan-made quizzes that let you know which Genshin Impact character best matches who you are.
Which Genshin Impact character are you?

Genshin Impact boasts an expansive roster of playable characters with unique designs, skills, abilities, animation, and aesthetics. And that's not all; every playable character is voiced by famous voice actors giving an idiosyncratic identity to every character in the game. 

Characters are the main content and selling point of gacha games like Genshin Impact. Indeed, many games attempt to incorporate gacha systems by using a captivating list of playable characters to mesmerize different age groups; however, most fail, some succeed, and very few set great examples.

Do you know which Genshin Impact character best resembles you?

Genshin Impact falls in the latter category, setting the bar high regarding the quality of playable characters expected in gacha games. In addition, Genshin Impact's characters are deeply embedded in the game's story, with a unique presence and contribution to the fictional world of Teyvat.

It's also clear that these characters weren't simply placed in the game with the sole intention of making more money. Instead, Genshin Impact adds a new playable character by making their past or present known to players using in-game lore, dialogues, items and locations found in the open world, and other similar things. 

genshin impact five-star hydro yelan
Yelan is a five-star Hydro element user and bow wielder arriving in Genshin Impact 2.7 update. (Picture: HoYoverse)

This raises a sense of interest in the player base and compels them to learn more about the unreleased characters. Furthermore, the hype around these characters only increases thanks to the highly skilled lore hunters and artists within the Genshin Impact community. As a result, this paves a path for the game's developer, HoYoverse, to capitalize on the hype by putting the respective character in the game. 

With around 48 characters (and with even more coming with future game updates), Genshin Impact has attracted a massive community of fans who are perhaps more inclined to resonate with some of the characters when compared to others.

raiden shogun genshin impact character
Raiden Shogun is one of the most famous Genshin Impact character’s ever released. (Picture: HoYoverse)

On the other hand, as one of the most, if not the most popular and commercially successful gacha games, Genshin Impact has a plethora of mini-games based around its characters that you can take to have a little extra fun. Among these are fun quiz mini-games (which we had to share), allowing fans to determine which Genshin Impact character they are.

Which Genshin Impact character are you?

genshin impact yelan
Yelan interrogating the Fatui. (Picture: HoYoverse)

We should note that there is a myriad of Genshin Impact quiz mini-games that players can take part in to know which character they are. The answer is based on a set of questions; some are related to the game, while others are random or personality-related.

Naturally, you will find different questions that you have to answer to learn which character you are, depending on the quiz you decide to take. However, perhaps the most satisfying thing about some of these mini-games is that you get a Genshin Impact character that fits your answer with a description describing you and your personality. 

Here are some of the Genshin Impact mini-games that will help you find out which Genshin Impact character are you:

Quiz Expo's "Which Genshin Impact character are you?" mini-game offers an updated list of characters. In most of these quizzes, you will often get the OG characters. But, only a few have updated their quizzes with the latest characters—a good thing for people expecting to get an Inazuma character. 

which genshin impact character are you quiz
We took the Quiz Expo "Which Genshin Impact character are you?" quiz. We got Kaeya.  (Picture: Quiz Expo)

The "Which Genshin Impact character are you?" mini-game quiz offered on Quotev is our favorite because it always gives our favorite character as a result. 

The third-party website, Quizventure, also offers Genshin Impact's "Which character are you" quiz. It has twenty questions that you can answer to get a Genshin Impact character who is most like you.

As mentioned earlier, other websites offer the "Which Genshin Impact character are you?" quiz. We have only listed some of the best ones above (in our opinion). If you want more, you can explore the internet. 

That aside, did you know that there are also element-specific Genshin Impact quizzes that let you know which x-element user you are? If you haven't, you will learn it right now.

Among the many mini-games that show which Genshin Impact character you are, we have some element-specific quizzes that you can take to learn which Pyro, Electro, Anemo, Geo, Hydro, or Cryo character you are. Here are a few which you take:

You can find more of these Genshin Impact quizzes on Quotev's Genshin Impact page. 

Now that you know about the different quizzes that will help you know which Genshin Impact character you are, you can get going—try some of these quizzes and let us know if you liked them. 

For more fantastic game content, check out our section dedicated to Genshin Impact news, updates, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.