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Who is the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

The Unknown God is responsible for separating the Traveler and their twin sibling, but who exactly is this enigmatic figure in Genshin Impact?
Who is the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact's storyline has introduced various characters with secret pasts and sinister agendas that could hamper your journey throughout Teyvat, but one stands out above the rest. Dating back to the game's opening sequence, the all-powerful Unknown God was responsible for separating the Traveler from their twin sibling, who became the game's central storyline.

As you spent much of your time across various regions, hunting the Unknown God and finding clues which could lead to reuniting with your twin, the information we have on the Unknown God doesn't reveal much. There are a handful of theories surrounding the origins of the Unknown God as we'll draw back the curtain to figure out who this enigmatic figure truly is.

Who is the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

There is no official source of information for who the Unknown God Genshin Impact is as it currently stands, aside from her appearance at the beginning of the game. But we can deduce one or two possible theories based on what is shown and what she says when fighting our protagonists in the opening.

genshin impact character overview unknown god teyvat the traveller twin seperate red cubes attacks cataclysm
The red cube attacks the Unknown God uses appear similar to those described in the Cataclysm. (Picture: YouTube / Tensai Background)

Firstly we see her attacks; they are red cube-like apparitions that can trap things inside and be used for offensive and defensive attacks. Mechanics aside, the cubes tell us more about her, according to the description of the Cataclysm that ravaged Khaenri'ah.

We see similar red cubes during this event which might elude the Genshin Impact Unknown God's presence, or perhaps she draws her power from the same source. She harbours disdain for humanity, which isn't explained; her denouncement of the "arrogance of mankind" combined with the attacks is vaguely similar to that of the Cataclysm.

She has had some involvement in the events that preceded the game and has some bad blood in her history with humanity. As for her real identity, it does provide some interesting theories as to who she may be in-game.

Possible theories on who the Unknown God is in Genshin Impact

genshin impact character overview unknown god teyvat the traveller twin seperate asmoday theories paimon
Other theories for the identity of the Unknown God in Genshin Impact include her real name possibly being Asmoday and a possible connection to Paimon. (Picture: YouTube / Tensai Background)

Some theories regarding her identity have surfaced, but none have been confirmed officially yet, as we await official confirmation from HoYoverse. One of the theories is that the Unknown God is close to the Archons, who initially fought in the Archon War two thousand years before the game's events.

Evidence for this comes from dataminers, who've analysed the opening cutscene, and found the Unknown God labelled as Asmoday. This name is derivative from Asmodeus, a similar naming convention for the Seven Archon, illuding to her possibly being an Archon herself. 

Another theory is that the Unknown God is our beloved Genshin Impact mascot, Paimon or is related to her somehow. Evidence for this is the aesthetic choices for Paimon's hair ornaments looking precisely like the star-shaped portals the Unknown God used at the beginning of the game.

Whether Paimon might or might not be willingly working for the Unknown God or if the Unknown God's name is genuinely Asmoday (at least until it's officially stated) is unconfirmed for now. While she's been keeping an eye on the Traveler through Paimon with plans of her own in tow, we'll have to see how the game's events unfold in future updates.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Tensai Background.