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Wish Upon a Lantern: Billion Primogem giveaway to close out Lantern Rite event

To participate you must access a new web event, where you will release Xiao Lanterns.
Wish Upon a Lantern: Billion Primogem giveaway to close out Lantern Rite event

The Lantern Rite is about to end, and along with the arrival of the final main and side quests of the event, miHoYo has announced they will be giving away an incredible 1 billion Primogems to all of its players.

This will be through a new web event, where players will have to light and release Xiao Lanterns loaded with good wishes.

Wish Upon a Lantern: How to Participate

To participate, you will have to log in with your miHoYo account, Facebook or Twitter (depending on where your profile is linked), through the event website for PC users, or through the Mail section of the game for users from PlayStation.

(Picture: miHoYo)

Once you have logged in, the following interface will appear, where the Xiao Lanterns that you have released at the time will be displayed, with also the number of opportunities to release another Lantern, and a button to see a summary of the patches and events launched so far in the game.

Wish Upon a Lantern
(Picture: miHoYo)

By clicking on the "Release Lantern" option, it will allow you to launch one of the five available Xiao Lanterns with a wish of your choice. For each Lantern released, you will receive a reward such as Primogems and Mora.

Billion Primogems Lantern Rite event
(Picture: miHoYo)

Now, when you start you will have only one Lantern available, however, you will be able to get more each day through small quests, which will be below the "Release Lantern" button.

For each completed quest, you will receive an additional Xiao Lantern, the available missions being:

  • Log in daily
  • Share the event page on Facebook or Twitter
  • Visit the game's YouTube channel

Wish Upon a Lantern: Dates and Requirements

Once you have managed to release all five Xiao Lanterns, you will be part of the Grand Prize of 1 billion Primogems, which will be distributed among all the players who manage to send all of their Xiao Lanterns.

Xiao Lantern free primogems lantern rite
(Picture: miHoYo)

To be able to participate you need to have Adventure Rank 10 in the game. In addition, the Lantern release period will be from 19-25th February.

The calculation of results and the distribution of the billion Primogems will take place on 26th February, with the last day to claim your part of the Grand Prize on 4th March.