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Is Grounded 1.5 Update Coming? Release Date Speculation & Content

We explain if Grounded will get another huge update such as patch 1.5, and speculate about the release date and content.
Is Grounded 1.5 Update Coming? Release Date Speculation & Content
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Looking for any and all info on the possible Grounded 1.5 update following the game's release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles with the Fully Yoked (1.4) update? Then we've got you covered, miniature survivors!

Take a seat as we will explain what we know so far about the next big Grounded update, speculating on a possible release of version 1.5 and what content it may hold.

Grounded 1.5 Release Date Speculation

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We can't help but wonder if another Grounded update will add even more pets to the game. (Picture: Obsidian)

After more than two years in Early Access (Game Preview on Xbox), Grounded's version 1.0 was released on 27 September 2022. Since then, we've had dozens of updates from developer Obsidian Entertainment, including four absolutely gigantic updates, taking us all the way to Grounded version 1.4.

Grounded version 1.4 is entitled "Fully Yoked" and boasts several new features, including a long-awaited New Game Plus option, new enemies, and much more. But what about the release date of the Grounded 1.5 update? Well, at the time of writing, there's no indication when or IF it will ever be released.

Please note:We will update this section as soon as official information or a credible leak becomes available. 

Is Another Big Grounded Update Coming?

While we might get more Grounded updates, 1.4 is the last big content update, according to Obsidian. The developer made as much clear in a post about the Fully Yoked update, stating that: 

This release is not just another update [1.4]; it's the last planned content update for Grounded, poised to make your gaming experience more thrilling than ever. Gear up for a backyard adventure that's truly yoked!

Grounded 1.5 Content Speculation

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Speculation is as dangerous as running into bees in Grounded...(Picture: Obsidian)

Since Obsidian has made it clear that update 1.4 is the last planned content update for Grounded, we don't expect any big content drops, of course.

If Grounded update 1.5 does appear in the future, what content will it hold? Well, we simply do not know. However, if we had to speculate, content might include a new seasonal event, or something smaller such as another pet or a cosmetic addition.

While you wait, check out the exciting "Grounded for ALL" trailer ushering in the game on all platforms.

We won't hold our breath for the Grounded 1.5 update, but we will endeavor to keep this article up-to-date with any new information we find. Check out our ever-growing Grounded section for more.