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How To Unlock Antbassador Mutation in Grounded

We explain how you can unlock the Antbassador Mutation in Grounded, and all three phases of its effects on your game.
How To Unlock Antbassador Mutation in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

With the Grounded Fully Yoked (1.4) update, players can unlock a brand-new Mutation, aptly called Antbassador. It's quite a journey to unlock all three phases and get the full effect of the Grounded Antbassador Mutation, so we are here to help!

In this guide, we explain all the steps required to unlock the Antbassador Mutation, detailing the items required to befriend the new Ant Queens with ease, so let's shrink down and leap in!

Grounded Antbassador Mutation: How To Get

Grounded antbassador mutation unlock ant queens befriend phases effects
Remember, you can only feed an Ant Queen once per game until it resets in NG+, so choose wisely. (Picture: Obsidian)

We aren't going to beat around the bush (or should we say anthill?) here. To get the Antbassador Mutation in Grounded, you must make the new Ant Queens happy. That's the Black Ant Queen, Fire Ant Queen, and Red Ant Queen.

To make the Ant Queens happy and fully unlock the Antbassador Mutation, you must feed them their favorite food and avoid the poison or infected variants. We've outlined the type of food you must craft and then select as an offering to befriend Ant Queen below.

  • Give Red Ant Queen a Juicy Mushroom Sandwich.
  • Give Fire Ant Queen a Tasty Toejam Sandwich.
  • Give Black Ant Queen a Yummy Gum Sandwich.

An in-game description of the Antbassador mutation reads:

Your kind demeanor and actions, a bridge between species, have granted you a place among the ants.

Grounded Antbassador Mutation Effects & Phases

Grounded antbassador mutation unlock ant queens befriend phases effects
You can befriend the Red Ant Queen by feeding her a Juicy Mushroom Sandwich. (Picture: Obsidian)

With each Ant Queen you satisfy with a juicy offering of their favorite food, you will unlock another phase of the Antbassador Mutation. There are three phases, each one causing a specific Ant family to become friendly. Check out the details of the Antbassador Mutation effects in each phase below.

Antbassador Mutation Phase How To Unlock Effect in Grounded
Phase 1 Befriend 1 Ant Queen Red Soldier Ants become neutral.
Phase 2 Befriend 2 Ant Queens Black Soldier Ants and the Black Worker Ants in the Shed Surroundings become neutral.
Phase 3 Befriend 3 Ant Queens Fire Worker Ants and Fire Soldier Ants become neutral.

In case you've been shrunk down to the size of an ant and missed it, check out the awesome Grounded 1.4 update overview video below.

That's everything Grounded players need to know about the Antbassador Mutation, including the effects of all three phases and how you can fully unlock it. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article with haste.

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