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How To Get All 3 Baby Ant Pets in Grounded

In this step-by-step guide, we explain how Grounded players can earn all three Baby Ant pets (Red, Fire and Black) with relative ease.
How To Get All 3 Baby Ant Pets in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

There are new, fantastic little pets in Grounded called the Baby Ants. Miniature adventurers who are diving in for the first time and those who are considered veterans of the backyard will both want to get all three: the Red, Black, and Fire Baby Ant pets.

Join us as we explain, in detail, all the steps required to unlock all three Grounded Baby Ant pets, including specific items you must use as offerings.

Unlocking Red, Black & Fire Baby Ant Pets in Grounded

Red black fire baby ant pet grounded unlock get ant queens gold cards locations
Make all three new Ant Queens in Grounded dance with joy by feeding them their favorite food. (Picture: Obsidian)

The only way to get all three baby Ant pets is to befriend all three new Ant Queens, which were introduced in the Fully Yoked (1.4) update. The Ant pets you can earn are:

  • Baby Red Ant
  • Baby Black Ant
  • Baby Fire Ant

We suggest following the order in which we've listed them above as you'll first progress through steps to get to the Red Ant Queen, then the Black Ant Queen and finally, the Fire Ant Queen.

To befriend the three Ant Queens, you will need to make specific offerings, cooking, and then give them their favorite food. After you've befriended an Ant Queen, you will see her do a little dance, and you'll earn a Baby Ant pet of the corresponding type. The pet will already be tamed, and you'll also get the pet's Gold Card as an additional reward.

Red black fire baby ant pet grounded unlock get ant queens gold cards locations
The only way to earn Baby Ant pets is to make the correct offerings to their queens...(Picture: Obsidian)

We've outlined the type of food you must craft and then select as an offering to befriend Ant Queen below.

  • Give Red Ant Queen a Juicy Mushroom Sandwich.
  • Give Fire Ant Queen a Tasty Toejam Sandwich.
  • Give Black Ant Queen a Yummy Gum Sandwich.

Please note: You can only offer one type of food to a specific queen per playthrough.

If you don't give the poison or infected food, killing the queens, you lose out on some other rewards. Specifically, the Infected food turns an Ant Queen into an Infected Ant Queen in NG+. We suggest earning all three Baby Ant pets in Grounded on your first playthrough and then experimenting with other offerings. 

As you progress through your quest to unlock all Baby Ant pets in Grounded, you will also unlock the different phases of the Antbassador Mutation.

If you've been shrunk down to the size of an ant and missed it, check out the awesome Grounded 1.4 update overview video below.

That's everything you need to know about earning all three Baby Ant Pets in Grounded! Good luck resisting...they are super cute...

If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article with haste. Check out our ever-growing Grounded section for more guides, including content specific to the 1.4 Fully Yoked update.