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How To Get Flower Petals In Grounded

Here's where you can find Flower Petals in Grounded.
How To Get Flower Petals In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

Like all types of resources in Grounded, Flower Petals have areas of abundance and some spots where they aren't so common. Nevertheless, you'll need Flower Petals to make certain items and to advance in Grounded. Here's how to get, and where to find, Flower Petals in Grounded.

Flower Petals Location In Grounded

roses flower petals
Roses are one major source of Flower Petals in Grounded. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

There are a few hot spots you'll want to check for Flower Petals in Grounded, where they spawn much more often than in other areas. Flower Petals can be found north of the pond near the Oak Tree, or just east of the Oak Tree. There's a patch of roses right next to the fallen Armed Raspberry Punch-O. Both of these spots have patches of flowers that you can knock down to get Flower Petals.

The way to get Flower Petals is to simply approach a flower and use a weapon to attack it. This will make the petals begin to fall so you can collect them.

Sometimes, though, you can also just find Flower Petals sitting on the ground in areas where there are lots of flowers, as they've already fallen off of the plants. In this case, you can just walk up to the Flower Petals on the ground and pick them up to add them to your inventory.

Once you get Flower Petals, you can use them for a variety of purposes. They're primarily used in setting up traps, so they're a great defensive and offensive item alike to help you protect yourself and your base or capture foes.