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How To Get Sunken Bones In Grounded

Here's how to get Sunken Bones in Grounded.
How To Get Sunken Bones In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

Among the resources you'll need to build things in Grounded are Sunken Bones. You'll need these to build some of the strongest gear and weaponry in the game. Let's talk about how to get Sunken Bones in Grounded so you can use them in your recipes and build the gear you want.

How To Get Sunken Bones In Grounded

sunken bone
You can find Sunken Bones in the Koi Pond. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

To get Sunken Bones in Grounded, you'll need to use the Acorn Shovel. If you don't already have an Acorn Shovel, it's important to get one before attempting to acquire any Sunken Bones. Then, you'll need to venture out to specific underwater areas to find the Sunken Bones to retrieve them and add them to your inventory.

Sunken Bones Locations Grounded

There are several locations where you can get Sunken Bones in Grounded. One of them is the Koi Pond. This is the easiest place to find the Sunken Bones, since they actually poke out of the water, allowing you to see them without diving down. In the Koi Pond, you can just approach and use your Acorn Shovel.

If you can't find enough Sunken Bones in the Koi Pond, you might consider checking out the BBQ Spill area, where there's Buried Treasure and thus potentially Sunken Bones to take home with you.

Generally, your best bet for getting Sunken Bones in Grounded is to go to to the Koi Pond and keep an eye out for any visible bones.