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How To Kill Bees In Grounded

Here's how you can 'Bee' prepared to take on one of the toughest enemies in Grounded.
How To Kill Bees In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

There are many different enemies in Grounded, and some pose more of a threat than others. One of the strongest enemies in the game is the Bee, which can put up a real fight. Thankfully, you can take them down if you know what to do; depending on the enemy, you'll want to use a different strategy and different weapon. Here's how to kill Bees in Grounded.

Best Strategy For Killing Bees In Grounded

grounded bee
Bees in Grounded are a powerful enemy. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

Because Bees are quite strong enemies in Grounded, it's a good idea not to get close to them unless you absolutely have to. Instead, you'll want to try to kill them from a distance. This means that to kill bees in Grounded, you'll probably want to use your ranged weapons.

You might try using a bow or a similar weapon in order to deal damage without getting very close. Using regular arrows might not be your best bet; while they work, they don't deal the best amount of damage. Venom Arrows or Feather Arrows might be a better option against Bees.

If you do need to get close to the Bee for any reason, it's a good idea to bring a Sword and Shield. This way, you can block if the Bee happens to attack and avoid taking any damage. These enemies' attacks can pack quite a punch, so it's important to be prepared to be on the defensive. It's possible to kill a Bee this way, using melee attacks and blocks only, but it's much more difficult than taking the ranged approach.