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How To Craft & Upgrade Torches in Grounded

We explain the materials required to craft a torch in Grounded, upgrade it, craft an EverChar Torch, repair it, or even unlock and craft a Slime Mold Stalk Torch.
How To Craft & Upgrade Torches in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Whenever you head into a cave or when night falls over the backyard in Grounded, you'll want to have a torch ready. There are a few torches that Grounded players can unlock, craft, and even upgrade or repair.

This guide will light your way to knowledge of all torches in Grounded, the materials required to craft them, and a few additional details to help you succeed, so let's leap in!

All Grounded Torches: How To Craft & Unlock

Torches grounded everchar repair upgrade smile mold stalk materials crafting
Torches can help you spot spiders in the dark! (Picture: Obsidian)

There are currently four torches in Grounded. This might increase to five torches with the Fully Yoked update. We'll endeavor to update our guide if another Grounded torch gets released in the future.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we are going to keep things relatively simple with this guide. Below, you will learn about all four torches in Grounded, how you can unlock them, and the materials required to craft these handy items.

Grounded Torch and Upgrade

To unlock the recipe for the basic torch in Grounded, you must analyze a Dry Grass Chunk. From here, you can craft a torch by combining the following materials:

  • x3 Dry Grass Chunk
  • x2 Crude Rope
  • x2 Sprig
  • x1 Sap

To upgrade to Torch+ in Grounded, you must unlock it by spending 1500 Raw Science at the ALS. From here, all regular torches you craft will be Torch+.

Grounded Slime Mold Stalk Torch

To unlock the Slime Mold Stalk Torch recipe in Grounded, analyze a Slime Mold Stalk. Craft this item by combining the following ingredients.

  • x2 Plant Fiber
  • x2 Slime Mold Stalk

You can use a Slime Mold Stalk Torch in a pinch, but using another, more reliable torch is recommended. 

Grounded EverChar Torch

To unlock the EverChar Torch recipe, you must analyze Green Shield Bug Parts or some EverChar Coal Chunks for the first time. Now, you can craft the EverChar Torch by combining the following materials:

  • x3 Tough Gunk
  • x2 EverChar Coal Chunk
  • x2 Green Shield Bug Parts
  • x2 Lint Rope

By default, the EverChar Torch is already level 2 quality in Grounded, and you can't upgrade it. However, it is the only torch in the game that you can repair, costing EverChar Coal Chunk.

Enjoyed this guide? Sure you did! Check out our ever-growing Grounded section for more.