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What Console Will GTA 6 Be On?

Which consoles will Grand Theft Auto 6 be released on? Good question! Find out all the GTA 6 supported platforms right here.
What Console Will GTA 6 Be On?
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What consoles will GTA 6 come out on? That's the burning question, isn't it?! With Rockstar Games finally acknowledging the next installment to the famed franchise, fans are desperate to dive into the sprawling cityscapes of Vice City with sky-high expectations!

However, as whispers of Grand Theft Auto 6 echo through the corridors of gaming forums and social media, the question on every console gamer's mind is: What platforms will GTA 6 be released on? Luckily, we've got the answer—so let's dive right in!

Updated on 9 November 2023: There is currently no word if GTA 6 will come out on PS4 or Xbox One platforms. We will endeavor to update this page with more details in the future.

The GTA 6 trailer should be released in
31 days, 01:31:08

What Platforms Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Come Out On?

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As of the latest information, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to launch exclusively on next-generation consoles, specifically the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S. A version for Windows PC is also slated, but it may not be released at the same time as the console versions​.

Now, for those clutching onto the last-gen consoles with nostalgic fervor, the question arises: Will there be a GTA 6 release for the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? To answer—there's no official word; however, history suggests that Rockstar might consider a scaled-down version for these platforms after the initial release flurry settles.

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The reason? Well, it really just comes down to Rockstar Games balancing GTA 6's advanced features with the technical limitations of older hardware. In the meantime, for PCMR enthusiasts looking to future-proof their rigs, check out our page on the Grand Theft Auto 6 PC specs.

And that's everything we know right now. It's not much, but you can stay tuned for more detailed information about Grand Theft Auto 6's supported platforms once the teaser trailer is released in December 2023.

The release date for GTA 6 is speculated to be around 2024 or 2025.