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Rockstar Website Update Could Alude To GTA 6 Release Date Reveal

A potential release announcement for GTA 6 might be on the horizon based on the recent update to the Rockstar website, and here's what you need to know.
Rockstar Website Update Could Alude To GTA 6 Release Date Reveal
Rockstar Games

News on the release of GTA 6 has been quite sparse since its announcement trailer was released back in December of 2023, but fans have kept a keen eye open for any details that could give us more information, and it seems we might have gotten some. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted some changes to the Rockstar website that could allude to more news on the way.

So, if you haven't heard the news surrounding this discovery and want more details, as well as want to know more about what it means for the release of GTA 6, then keep reading. Below, we will detail everything we know about the recent website update that could be hinting at more GTA 6 news on the horizon.

Rockstar Website Update May Tease Possible GTA 6 Release Date Reveal

Although there haven't been any concrete updates regarding Rockstar's highly anticipated next GTA title, there appears to be some activity behind the scenes. The GTA 6 Countdown X account noticed recent changes on the Rockstar website and shared screenshots of what they found.

From the screenshots, it's evident that the developers have updated the GTA 6 section with placeholders for four screenshots, cover art, platforms, and even a release date. While this doesn't confirm imminent news on GTA 6 (as developers often add placeholders on websites that may not be populated until much later), another development, when considered alongside this, suggests an update could be forthcoming.

In discussions about the website discovery, some players pointed out that Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has its quarterly earnings call scheduled for May 16. This could indicate that the developers are preparing the site for an update after the earnings call, especially given the suspiciously close timing of these two events.

GTA 6 Website Update Could Mean Release Date Announcement
While this website announcement doesn't confirm an upcoming release date, it does seem to be convenient timing alongside the earnings call, but we'll just have to wait and see. (Picture: Rockstar)

Furthermore, it's worth noting a fan's observation that "Even if Rockstar doesn’t make an announcement, Take-Two will talk about the revenue they expect in the next fiscal year on May 16th which will give us an estimate on when the game launches." So, even if an announcement doesn't come soon, insights from the earnings call could hint at a release date or window.

As always, it's wise to approach this information with caution, as it could signify significant developments or merely be routine updates. Official news from Rockstar should be awaited before drawing any definitive conclusions. Meanwhile, stay updated on any developments regarding GTA 6 by checking out our dedicated GTA 6 section.