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NoPixel GTAV Misty Mocha roleplayer passes away

The character roleplayed by Twitch streamer DovahPug was a fan-favourite within the NoPixel community.
NoPixel GTAV Misty Mocha roleplayer passes away

Sad news for GTA V RP fans and the NoPixel community, as Twitch streamer Alex "DovahPug" who was behind the Misty Mocha character, has sadly passed away this 11th May.

Update: The in-game Misty Mocha funeral takes place on the NoPixel server.

Update ends.

The news came from fellow NoPixel RP member RevRoach, who posted a Twitlonger on social media, explaining that Alex had passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Inside the Twitlonger, there's a note from Alex, which she wrote as a goodbye letter to the NoPixel community, thanking them for the friends she made while in the server.

“Hey! If you are reading this, it means I am dead and the fucking cancer finally got me lol. I am having my IRL friend send this message to my nopixel friends. Just want to let you know I really enjoyed the time we have spent together and all the memories we made. The past few months role playing with you has been the absolute best time of my life and the only regret I have is not discovering nopixel and the RP community sooner. If there is an after life, I hope to meet you again! All the love... Misty.“

mocha gtav rp
(Picture: Misty Mocha)

Her character was described by Rev as "tough, determined, mellow and brave," someone that will be truly missed in the GTA RP community.