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We're possibly getting official GTA VI news soon

A recent rumour suggests that we might have a big announcement about GTA VI quite soon, and now the official web site updates only further fuel these speculations.
We're possibly getting official GTA VI news soon

If there is one game that video game fans all around the world are eagerly awaiting and desperately scratching for new information, that surely is GTA VI.

Hardly a week goes by without someone claims that he knows something about the game, be it location, acters, release date, main characters... you name it.

One recent rumour would look the same as many other empty, unfounded claims, that we would not even report about, if it wasn't followed with some details that might actually give it some legitimacy.

To be specific, that rumour claims that Rockstar will announce a new GTA VI game later today, on March 25. Sounds quite pretentious to claim to know something like that, doesn't it?

Well, Reddit user u/bozidarilic yesterday spotted that quite a few official GTA-related websites were updated on Monday. When we say "official," we mean those registered by Take-Two Interactive, a parent company of Rockstar.

Domains with "names like GTAVI and GTA6," which used to redirect traffic to either one of the main Grand Theft Auto pages or Rockstar's official website, now only give users an error message. What's more interesting,,, and still take you to GTA 5's promotional website, but not anymore.


Bozidarilic also posted a screenshot, which you can see below, which does confirm his claims about the recent updates.



Additionally, user Ambuaz gave some extra clarification, which further indicates that something is indeed happening.  

"Previously, the domain's nameservers were pointing to a server in Munich, Germany. This was very strange because all the other Rockstar domains like,, and so on were pointing to the same server in New York. But after today's update, nameservers also point to the New York server. It looks like the developers from Rockstar are doing some technical preparations. Very likely, they are preparing a section dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto VI on the Rockstar Games website," he explained.

Rockstar is known for announcing their games without any previous hype or buildup, which might also happen now.

While we do not believe that we'll see the announcement today, we might admit that all these things happening right now are suspiciously leading towards an actual announcement soon.

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