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Gwent World Masters tournament postponed due to Coronavirus

Gwent World Masters 2020 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, following a huge number of esport cancellations.
Gwent World Masters tournament postponed due to Coronavirus
CD Project's collectible card game Gwent had its fair share of ups and downs since it launched in October 2016. In the beginning, people saw it as the next "Hearthstone killer," a label worn by many card games in the past years. Like many others - it failed in trying to bring down popular Blizzard's game.

Yet, it brought something new to the table and created a community significant and stable enough to become self-sustainable. Developers listened to feedback and did several revamps of the game that made it a much better experience for both casual and tryhard players.

In 2019 Gwent had its first official esports series (not counting Challengers from previous years), called GWENT Masters, which should have come back this year, starting this March.

Unfortunately for Gwent fans and professionals, the world is in a state of emergency right now, and like many other big esports competitions, this too has been postponed without a new date on sight.

The official Twitter statement says that they will share a new plan for hosting the tournament soon.