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Best Hades Adamant Rail Build (Exagryph): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

Rain down explosive hell on your enemies with our guide on the Boons, Aspect, and Upgrades for the best Adamant Rail Build in Hades.
Best Hades Adamant Rail Build (Exagryph): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades
Supergiant Games

The Adamant Rail, also known as the Exagryph is arguably one of the most complex weapons to use in Hades, as it requires some ammo management and an understanding of how it works. But if you've decided to make this weapon your go-to, then you'll need the right build to take it up a notch and turn it into a proper tool of destruction. 

So in this guide, we'll be walking you through our pick for the best Adamant Rail (Exagryph) build in Hades, including the best Aspect choice, Boons, upgrades for the build, and more. 

Update on 1st September 2023: We've updated this article to reflect the latest, best Exagryph build in Hades.

Best Adamant Rail (Exagryph) Aspect: Aspect of Eris

The chosen Aspect for the Adamant Rail Exagryph is the Aspect of Eris. This Aspect provides us with extra damage using the base attack of the weapon and empowers us with bonus damage while standing in the Special attack blast radius. 

Best Adamant Rail Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Eris Aspect
The Eris Aspect is ideal for this build due to its high damage buffs. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

On top of this, The Boons and upgrades we'll be using will grant us extra damage, which is the overall focus of the Eris Aspect. So let's take a look at how those look below. 

Best Hades Adamant Rail (Exagryph) build: Boons

The Aspect of Eris' purpose is to increase your attack, as mentioned previously, so giving your standard attacks a buff with Boons like Curse of Agony or Deadly Strike is a huge must. 

Tempest Flourish is also suggested, as it gives your special knockback effect, which is useful for keeping adversaries at bay after you absorb the blast to gain damage safely.

Best Hades Adamant Rail (Exagryph) build: Daedalus Upgrades

As for upgrades, you'll want to go for the Targeting System in all cases, as it slows down enemies and deals additional damage to them, leaving them in the perfect spot to be finished off. 

Best Adamant Rail Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Slow enemies and deal damage
The upgrades for this build focus on slowing enemies and dealing extra damage. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Triple Bomb is also ideal as it lets you fire off your special three times in a row. Last but not least is Flurry Fire, which increases your ammo capacity, meaning you reload less and unleash more damage between reloads. 

Hades Adamant Rail (Exagryph) Alternate Aspect: Aspect of Lucifer

Our second choice for the Exagryph is the Aspect of Lucifer. It increases the railgun's ability to inflict damage several times. The special attack fires three hellfire spheres that absorb assaults and deliver damage before bursting and causing massive damage in a large area of impact.

It does require that you unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu, so be sure that you've done that before considering this build. Next, we've chosen Boons and upgrades that will complement the Aspect by dealing more damage on top of its already buffed stats.

Best Adamant Rail Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Alternate Aspect Lucifer
The Lucifer Aspect is our second choice for its prolonged damage and triple Hellfire Spheres. (Picture: Supergiant Games)


  • Thunder Flourish - Your Special causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby foes.
  • Heartbreak Flourish - Your Special deals more damage and inflicts Weak.
  • Pressure Points - Any damage you deal has a chance to be Critical.
  • Deadly Flourish - Your Special is stronger, with a chance to deal more Critical Damage.m

Daedalus Upgrades: 

  • Concentrated Beam - Your Igneus Eden Attack damage to a foe ramps up +100% faster.
  • Triple Beam - Your Igneus Eden Attack fires 3 beams in a spread pattern.
  • Greater Inferno - Your Igneus Eden Hellfire radiates +250% damage in a larger area.
  • Triple Bomb - You can use your Special 3 times in rapid succession.