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Best Hades Shield Build (Aegis Shield): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

Below you can find our guide breaking down the best Boons, Aspect, and Upgrades for the Aegis Shield in Hades.
Best Hades Shield Build (Aegis Shield): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades
Supergiant Games

The Aegis Sheild is known for being a slow and defensive weapon in the game that most Hades players tend to avoid, but as you'll soon find, equipping it with the right build can turn it into an absolute beast. So if you're looking to try this weapon out in a more offensive way, then keep reading.

Below we'll be walking you through our pick for the best Aegis Shield build in Hades. Covering everything from the Aspects and Boons you should use to the Ideal Upgrades and much more. 

Update on 1st September 2023: We've updated this article to reflect the latest, best Aegis Shield build in Hades.

Best Aegis Shield Aspect: Aspect of Chaos

The Aspect of Chaos is ideal for bulldozing your enemies and staying safe behind your shield's almost impervious defenses. The Aspect is best when leveled up to 4 or 5, though, so be sure to do that first.

Best Aegis Shield Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Aspect of Chaos
The Aspect of Chaos gives us a powerful bull rush ability that allows us to cleave through enemies faster. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Its Bull Rush ability gives you a way to constantly deal damage while on the move and increases the number of shields thrown when using your special. When paired with Boons and Daedalus upgrades that give the shield more damage output, it becomes a true monster and even boss melter.

Best Hades Aegis Shield: Boons

Aphrodite's Heartbreak Flourish is the first boon we recommend for its ability to buff your shield throw and inflict Weak on your enemies. Ares' Blade Dash is ideal for dealing damage after your Bull Rush ends, allowing you to create a solid damage cycle. 

Sudden Rush is also ideal for increasing the speed of your Bull Rush and getting you out of the way of incoming damage. We also suggest staying away from boons that cause the shield to bounce, as it will take longer to come back to you, and not let you Bull Rush as frequently. 

Best Hades Aegis Shield: Daedalus Upgrades

Our Daedalus upgrades will start with Dread Flight, which gives us more shields thrown out, dealing more damage to enemies before it returns. Then we move on to Explosive Return, an AoE damage dealer, whenever we catch a shield. 

Best Aegis Shield Build Aspect Boon Upgrades More throwable shields extra AoE damage
The upgrades focus on giving us more throwable shields and an AoE attack when catching our shield. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Lastly, if you can get it, the Charged Flight upgrade is a great choice for dealing even more damage, though it does aff a charge meter to the attack. So consider that drawback if you want the extra damage. 

Best Hades Aegis Shield Alternate Aspect: Aspect of Beowulf

Beowulf's Aspect is a little strange because you take more damage, and the Dragon Rush mechanism is a little complicated to use at first. After hitting the Cast button to load bloodstones into the shield, the player may hold and release Attack to deal more damage than a standard Bull Rush, as well as damage from the Cast button.

Nonetheless, the amount of burst damage this beast can deal with is ridiculous, thanks to Dragon Rush, and you receive your shards back instantaneously, making it worth the investment. When paired with the Boons and upgrades below, it's a strong contender for the best Aegis Shield build. 

Best Aegis Shield Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Alternate Aspect Beowulf
The Beowulf Aspect is an ideal second choice for its Dragon Rush and bust damage. (Picture: Supergiant Games)


  • Flood Flare: Deals damage to foes nearby when the Cast is used and deals knockback.
  • Thunder Flare: Zag's Cast causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby.
  • Passion Flare: Damages enemies nearby and inflicts Weak, thus decreasing the damage they deal to the player.
  • Trippy Flare: Damages nearby foes and leaves behind Festive Fog, which can stun enemies.

Daedalus Upgrades: 

  • Breaching Rush: Allows the Bull Rush/Dragon Rush to deal +400% damage to armored foes. 
  • Minotaur Rush: Powers up this move, giving Zagreus a Power Rush that deals +500% damage.
  • Sudden Rush: Allows the Bull Rush/Dragon Rush to charge much faster, thus improving its utility in high-intensity fights.