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Best Hades Fists Build (Twin Fists of Malphon): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

Pummel your enemies with our guide on choosing the best Aspect, Boons, and Upgrades for your Twin Fists of Malphon build in Hades.
Best Hades Fists Build (Twin Fists of Malphon): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

The Twin Fists of Malphon are awesome and fun weapons to use in Hades for their insane amounts of damage and fast rate of attack. But when using the right build for it, you can take this weapon from awesome to epic, and this guide will show you how.

Below you can find our pick of the Boons, Aspect, Upgrades, and more that will result in the best Twin Fists of Malphon build in Hades. So without further delay, let's punch it. 

Best Twin Fists of Malphon Aspect: Aspect of Talos

Talos' Aspect is the first unlocking Aspect for the Fists of Maphon that you'll unlock and is considered the best for a few reasons. Firstly, it transforms your uppercut into a magnetic strike that attracts foes closer while doing more damage, and it also increases your Cast damage.

Best Twin Fist Of Malphon Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Aspect of Talos
The Aspect of Talos is ideal for the Twin Fists as it provides a magnetic uppercut ability and additional damage. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

It's especially handy in sections of the underworld where there may be gaps between you and your opponents, so using this, you can bring them in close and crush them easily. The Boons and Daedalus upgrades focus on increasing your damage and speed to put enemies down quicker, so let's take a look. 

Best Hades Twin Fists of Malphon build: Boons

The first two Boons we use will focus on buffing our Special attack, with the first being Heartbreak Flourish, as it's especially handy for tougher monsters that take longer to kill. Deadly Flourish will boost your chance of getting critical hits, so when you do have a larger mob of enemies to deal with, you stand a better chance of wiping them off the map permanently. 

To give your normal attack some extra damage, you can use Divine Strike, which also gives you the deflect ability, and the Drunken Strike can slow enemies down, giving you more time to deal damage with the normal attack. 

Best Hades Twin Fists of Malphon build: Daedalus Upgrades

The Colossus Knuckle upgrade is the first pick for this build since it makes you Sturdy while hitting. There's still opportunity for damage, but it's a far safer alternative for dealing with bosses and other difficult opponents. 

Best Twin Fist Of Malphon Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Sturdy while hitting and health regen
Our upgrades give us sturdiness when using the weapon as well as a small health regeneration effect. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Then we have the Drain Cutter, which gives you a small sliver of health back each time you defeat an enemy, which is perfect once you master this builds enemy grinding capabilities. And lastly, we have the Long Knuckle, which is a good balance upgrade as its increases your normals attacks range and attack strength. 

Best Hades Twin Fists of Malphon Alternate Aspect: Aspect of Zagreus

While we would go for the Aspect of Gilgamesh, due to its cumbersome unlock requirements, most players would find more fun in going for the Aspect of Zagreus instead. Not only does this build give you an increase in Dodge change, but when coupled with the right boons from Hermes and other upgrades, you become extremely difficult to hit and can deal tons of damage. 

Best Twin Fist Of Malphon Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Alternate Aspect Zagreus
The Alternate Aspect pick is very close, but Zagreus is easier to master and provides mobility and damage buffs all around. (Picture: Supergiant Games)


  • Greater Haste - You move faster at a percentage depending on your level.
  • Rush Delivery - You deal bonus damage based on any bonus move speed.
  • Greater Evasion - You have a chance to Dodge at a percentage depending on your level.
  • Deadly Strike - Your Attack is stronger, with a +15% chance to deal Critical damage.

Daedalus Upgrades: 

  • Breaching Cross - Your Dash-Strike pierces foes and deals +900% damage to Armor
  • Long Knuckle - Your Attack has more range and deals +10% damage
  • Draining Cutter - Whenever your Special slays foes, restore 2% health. 
  • Quake Cutter - After using your Special, deal 90 damage in an area where you land