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Hades Coming To Apple Devices Through Netflix In 2024

Hades will finally be playable on Apple devices thanks to a deal with Netflix.
Hades Coming To Apple Devices Through Netflix In 2024

Hades is a game that is available to play on multiple platforms. With Hades 2 announced, there is new excitement among the fans about this game series. The original Hades was rated very highly among reviewers and is seen as one of the best indie games that has been released in recent years.

With multiple different weapons and ways to play, Hades is a game that keeps on giving. The popularity of Hades is also thanks to the fact that it is available on multiple different platforms. Now, a new Netflix deal will allow Hades to be playable on iOS devices as well.

Hades Will Arrive On iOS In 2024 Thanks To Netflix

Hades iOS Netflix
The fast-paced Hades game will finally make its way to iOS devices. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Netflix has been publishing games for quite some time. With games like Oxenfree, Valiant Hearts, and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, Netflix has been on a roll with what games they are partnering with. With this most recent announcement, Hades will now be among the list of games Netflix is partnering with.

Hades will have no in-game ads, no extra fees, and no in-app purchases as well. That means that Hades fans can get the same exact experience on iOS as they would if they purchased the game on any other platform. Hades is expected to launch on iOS sometime in 2024.