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AFK streamer accidentally shows how broken Halo Infinite aim assist is

With some setting tweaking, players have found out how Halo Infinite's aim assist could cause issues when it launches.
AFK streamer accidentally shows how broken Halo Infinite aim assist is

With the impending release of Halo Infinite, scheduled for 8th December, fans have gotten their first taste of what the free-to-play multiplayer portion of the FPS will play like during the recent test previews

As they dabble in matches with both bots and real-life people (though you could argue some of your teammates are still bots), a content creator has accidentally demonstrated how broken Halo Infinite's aim assist can be.

Twitch streamer Jeff Sheney went AFK for just a few moments during one of his latest broadcasts while in a match with AI opponents. Those that tuned in immediately started noticing how hard the aim assist kicked in, tracking the head of the enemies seamlessly. 

The clip shared by pro Apex and former Halo competitor, TSM's Eric "Snip3down" Wrona, garnered massive attention, reaching over 180k views as of the time of writing. 

halo infinite aim assist
Halo Infinite's aim assist could cause some issues. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Fans wondered if this was some kind of glitch, trying to replicate by tuning their own settings, with many calling it fake, as the inputs shown in the video are for mouse & keyboard and not controller.

One user, AtlasGV, finally solved the mystery. As it turns out, Halo Infinite detects both controller and mouse and keyboard inputs simultaneously, so when a player sets the deadzone of the stick to 0, the game will almost automatically assume you're playing on a controller despite using mouse and keyboard, thus the aim assist kicks-in.

Deadzone, for those unaware, is how much does a player need to move the controller stick for an input to register. The lower the value, the easier a game will detect movement, thus, by setting it to 0, players theoretically wouldn't have to move the sticks at all as the natural drift from worn-out controllers will do the job for them. 

Halo Infinite aim assist glitch being worked on

halo infinite
343 is working on a solution. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Bad news for those looking to exploit this discovery, as content creator Mint Blitz confirmed this is in fact a glitch 343 Industries is actively working to fix.

"This is due to controller stick drift and KBM both being active at the same time with deadzones turned to zero. Since both are active it leads to a high aim assist value that goes away once you start moving again," he explained via Twitter.

Hopefully, the devs find a quick solution to this and any other aim assist related issues, as they previously confirmed Halo esports would be both cross-input.


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Featured image courtesy of Jeff Sheney.