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Halo Infinite tech preview 2: Schedule, how to join, modes, more

The release of Halo Infinite is fast approaching as we near the 2021 Holiday season. To help smooth things out for an impressive debut, Microsoft is running a second Tech Preview which will focus on testing online services at a large scale.
Halo Infinite tech preview 2: Schedule, how to join, modes, more

As we near the 2021 Holiday season, the excitement is ramping up for the official release of Halo Infinite. It's the latest release from the Microsoft franchise after a 2020 drop of Halo: The Master Cheif Collection.

To help get the title ready for launch, Microsoft is running two Tech Previews ahead of the December release. These Tech Previews allow both developers and gamers alike to fully test the game in a live setting, offering a chance to make last-minute tweaks and improvements.

The second Tech Preview will be going live soon, so here's everything you need to know for how to get plugged in.

Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2 Showcase
The Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2 promises to give gamers a taste of what they can expect at the full release. (Picture: Microsoft)

Tech Preview 2 - Halo Infinite

As stated by the Microsoft team, the primary goal for the tech previews is to test online services at a larger scale than ever before. The secondary goal of the preview is to receive feedback and find additional bugs around the content in the flights.

Tech preview 2 is scheduled to be available to a larger audience of users, including those who may have missed out on the first preview. Check out how to get involved for the second test run.

How to join Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2

Beginning on 13th September, gamers with Halo Insiders accounts will be invited to participate in Tech Preview 2. Becoming a Halo Insider is a fairly straightforward process, simply follow this link and then the instructions on-screen.

Game devs are requesting players to submit anything that feels like a bug on the Halo Support site. The Insider version of the Support site will go live when the flight does, allowing all invitees to read up about known issues, submit tickets, and more.

Game content - Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2

  • Social Arena (including objective modes and a new map on Sunday, 26th September)
  • Bot Arena (including objective modes)
  • Big Team Battle (debuting 30th September - 3rd October)
    • Three modes on Fragmentation
  • Training Mode
  • Weapon Drills
  • Customization
  • Battle Pass
  • New Halo Waypoint app & web experiences

Details about what is included within each of these aspects will be highlighted in the tech preview blog and live stream this Wednesday.

Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2 Schedule

The schedule for the second Tech Preview is as follows:

Weekend 2 (Big Team Battle & Arena)

  • Thursday evening, 30th September:
    • Flight access turns on
    • Training Mode and Weapon Drills become available
  • Friday, 1st October 6pm - 10pm BST
    • Matchmaking available
  • Saturday, 2nd October 6pm - 10pm BST
    • Matchmaking available
  • Sunday, 3rd October 6 pm - 10 pm BST
    • Matchmaking available
    • Surveys go out o a portion of Halo Insiders (5 pm BST)
  • Monday, 4th October 6 pm BST
    • Flight access closes
  • Wednesday, 6th October 6 pm BST
    • Halo Support site closes

Note: When outside of these matchmaking windows, the Training Mode, Weapon Drills, Battle Pass, and Customization experiences will remain online and available in-game.

Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2 coming soon
We're now only a few short months away from the Halo Infinite release. (Picture: Microsoft)

Make sure to keep up with our entire Halo tab ahead of the impending December release. We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest breaking news and information.