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All Halo Infinite known issues at multiplayer beta launch

Here you will find the complete list of all known issues and bugs in Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, on which developers 343 Industries are actively working in order to fix them as soon as possible.
All Halo Infinite known issues at multiplayer beta launch

Halo Infinite multiplayer received a "surprise" beta launch on 15th November, and already hundreds of thousands of gamers are playing the game across PC and console.

Given that the game is technically still in its beta stage, some problems are bound to happen, especially at launch when armies of players rush to try the game and discover numerous new issues.

The issues range from the "usual suspects" like low FPS or DirectX 12 compatibility issues, to more strange ones, like the already-solved blue screen glitch.

There's a handful of other various problems, concerning both the game's performance and technical aspects, but also other bugs that are related to specific game modes or individual features of Halo Infinite, like the menu bugs or UI glitches, the battle pass progression bugs, and others.

All known Halo Infinite bugs, issues, and glitches
Halo Infinite multiplayer has had its fair share of issues at launch. (Picture: Microsoft)

The good news is that developers 343 Industries have already identified and isolated a lot of these issues, and are now actively working on fixing them.

In order to keep the player base informed on what problems are developers well-aware of, 343 Industries compiled a list of all known Halo Infinite issues in the multiplayer beta.

If you encounter some problems and want to help the developers by reporting them, you can do that by submitting a ticket on the Halo Support site.

All known Halo Infinite bugs, issues, and glitches

All known Halo Infinite bugs, issues, and glitches
Developers 343 Industries cross off known Halo Infinite issues. (Picture: Microsoft)


  • Players with AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPUs may crash if Async Compute in the Video Settings is set to On.
    • Disabling Async Compute fixes this.
  • Older AMD GPU drivers can lead to poor performance.
    • Updating drivers to the most recent version fixes this.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over some menu items does not update what is selected before clicking it.
    • The arrow keys still work as expected.
  • If a PC player has a fireteam set to Invite Only and invites an Xbox player who has two players signed in for split-screen, the Xbox player who accepts the invitation receives an error saying they can’t join the fireteam. The PC player incorrectly sees a notification that the invited player is joining the fireteam.
    • Use the Friends Only or Open fireteam settings instead when inviting split-screen Xbox players.
  • Some minimum hardware specification GPUs may crash when playing intro cinematic sequences in 4k resolution.
    • Uninstalling the Multiplayer HD texture packs fixes this.
  • The Background Recording feature in Windows 10 or the Record What Happened feature in Windows 11 can cause performance issues when enabled.
    • Turning these features off improves performance. They can be found in the Capture Settings menu of Windows 10 and the Captures menu of Windows 11.


  • Some first-person animations may appear to stutter at 60 FPS or higher.
  • Epic Armor Effects appear offset from the player’s arms in the Tutorial and Theater mode.


  • Players standing on a destroyed vehicle experience stuttering and desyncs.


  • In Training Mode, pausing the game during the intro sequence mutes most sound effects.
    • Pausing and unpausing fixes this.
  • While playing in split-screen, audio settings change back to default when a player signs out.


  • Customizations cannot be changed while loading into a match.

Game modes

Custom games

  • Any option (such as Score to Win) in a Custom Game lobby does not reset to default when switching game modes.
  • After changing the game mode options in the Custom Game lobby for any game mode, changing to a different mode then changing back to the first mode will still show those changed options. The match will start with default options.
  • The first time a Custom Game mode is saved in the Mode Editor, changed Override options are missing when viewing that mode under My Files in the Community tab.
  • Some Custom Game options do not apply correctly when the match starts.

Observer Mode

  • The kill feed sometimes disappears after a short time or will only provide information about the player being observed at the start of the match.
  • At the start of a new round in a round-based mode, the Observer mode HUD setting sometimes switches to Hide.


  • While watching a film, players who left the match appear as options to follow and prevent swapping between other viewpoints.
  • After watching a film, attempting to watch another sometimes results in a “Load Error.”
    • Restarting the game fixes this.
  • When Halo Infinite officially launches on December 8th, saved films created before then will no longer be viewable.


  • After rapidly signing in with multiple split-screen players, the game can occasionally get stuck on the “Transitioning” step (visible in the top right of the screen) and becomes unable to create a lobby without restarting the game.
  • In a 4-player split-screen, the “Return to the Battlefield” warning overlay that appears when a player is out of bounds can appear on the wrong player’s screen. Death due to spending too much time out of bounds still happens to the correct player.
  • If a player besides player 1 takes control of the game and goes to the Multiplayer menu, using the Back button to back out of the Multiplayer menu does not work.
  • In a 4-player split-screen, if a player drops out of the fireteam and the remaining players join a game in progress, one of these players will be unable to play. That player has graphical corruption, is stuck spectating another player, and can be killed by allied players even if friendly fire is off.
  • When a split-screen fireteam member signs out of their Xbox Live account, then signs back into that account, that player cannot rejoin the fireteam within Custom Games or a Multiplayer matchmaking lobby.
    • Restarting the game fixes this.

User Interface & Controls


  • When using large numbers of XP Grants at once to gain Battle Pass XP to reach the maximum Battle Pass level, any XP grants that were not needed to reach that level are still consumed.
  • In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will show no stats at the end of the match.


  • Credits purchased within the Microsoft Store while the game is running do not appear in-game until after restarting the game.
  • Credits purchased during the scheduled store rollover do not appear until re-opening the Buy Credits section of the Store.


  • After pre-purchasing the Campaign within the game, it can take up to a minute before the page updates the Buy button to a Close button.
  • Academy, Custom Games, and the Mode Editor menu may not load while disconnected from the internet.
  • When starting the game offline, connecting to the internet while on the main menu does not allow the player to play online.
    • Restarting the game fixes this.


  • Plugging in a mouse & keyboard during an active game session on an Xbox console locks the player to a 45-degree look radius.
    • This issue does not occur if the mouse is already plugged in when the game is launched.
  • The Horizontal Display Margin and Vertical Display Margin settings do not change these margins on Xbox One consoles.
  • When using Keyboard & Mouse on the console, mouse input does not work while the game is paused.

Social and Fireteams

  • Players cannot join another player’s fire team while in an active match.
  • Leaving a game while dead and attempting to rejoin the same game by joining on a friend through the Social menu causes a loop of “Unable to Join” and “Connecting to Server” errors.


  • The LAN feature is disabled during the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta. It will be available upon the full launch of the game on December 8th.

So there you have it, all the known issues, bugs and glitches in Halo Infinite right now. Players are urged to report new bugs they find throughout the multiplayer beta period. 


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.