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All Island 1 Spartan Core locations in Halo Infinite

Spartan Core are key to upgrading abilities in Halo Infinite.
All Island 1 Spartan Core locations in Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite shakes up the franchise's formula in a big way by going open-world. Yes, story missions, for the most part, take place in arena-like self-contained sections, but players have the freedom to tackle plenty of side activities throughout the course of the campaign.

As a result, players can upgrade Master Chief with a variety of extra tools, giving the iconic humanity saviour the ability to grapple around Zeta Halo, use thrusters, and more.

Throughout Zeta Halo, diligent players can run into Spartan Cores, which are needed to heighten each ability Master Chief acquires throughout the course of the lengthy campaign.

Each upgrade is progressively more expensive in terms of Cores, so you'll need to hunt down a hefty chunk to get the most of your Spartan abilities.

Where to find all Spartan Cores in Island 1 of Halo Infinite

There are a total of 45 Spartan Cores, 16 of them in the first Zeta Halo map.

Take a look at the map down below courtesy of Map Genie for a general location of each if you want to keep a bit of the mystery alive:

island 1 locations
There are 16 Cores in the first Halo Infinite island. (Picture: Map Genie)

Zeta Halo is divided into four main islands; we'll do the same with the Spartan Cores to make it easier for you to locate. 

Island 1 Spartan Cores

In Outpost Tremonious, there are three Cores for you to find.

  • After ascending the elevator to the surface from the Foundation mission, head straight to find the crate.
  • Behind the building with the elevator that leads to The Foundation - look for the wreckage in the rocks.
  • Near the small UNSC weapon cache, just outside the Outpost Tremonius.

From there, let's go from top to bottom and left to right, take a good look at the map.

spartan cores
Spartan Cores are key to success. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • Find the tunnel with the green lights. Follow them to a small room with the core.
  • On a hexagonal pillar at the cliff's edge.
  • In the underground facility blocked by the forcefield. Deactivate the forcefield by following the wire that runs from it to the switch.
  • Underground, in a large room. Find the entrance to this underground facility to the east. 
  • In the upper building. Enter the lower building and make your way through the corridors and up the gravity lift to access the upper building.
  • On the cliffside edge above the excavation site.
  • In the rafters of the small building, south of the excavation site.
  • In the small building. The core can be seen through the partially open door. Enter the building from the roof.
  • On the second floor of the main building in the Forge of Teash.
  • On the ground floor, inside the Forerunner tower.
  • Inside the crashed escape pod.
  • In the corner of Redoubt of Sundering.
  • Near the Pelican wreckage.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios.