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Craig the Brute has "Greatest Hits" album and rock monument in Halo Infinite

From getting his face smashed in by Master Chief to becoming a meme, Craig the Brute has been immortalised as a rockstar in Halo Infinite.
Craig the Brute has "Greatest Hits" album and rock monument in Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite's Craig the Brute has come a long way since the release of the highly criticised Halo Infinite Campaign trailer back in October 2020. The trailer, which showcased a rather distorted looking brute, was lambasted by fans and critics for its disappointing graphics.

But time heals all, and developers, 343 Industries, have seen the funny side and paid proper respect to the infamous Brute in a cheeky Easter Egg found in-game.

Here’s what players need to know about the Craig the Brute Easter Egg and where to find it in Halo Infinite

Who is Craig the Brute?

The Halo Campaign showcase did quite a disservice to the famous Brute, despite him being one of the stars of the trailer. As fans criticised the developer for its underwhelming graphics, the Brute was welcomed by the Halo community who was hilariously named “Craig” as a result of an influx of memes mocking the game's poor graphics.

The developer commented on the game’s poor graphics in an interview with Inside Gaming, saying that the game was still “a work-in-progress”. While Craig looked completely perplexed before Master Chief attempted to cave his face in, the Brute did receive a much-needed makeover in the Campaign Overview trailer released a year after his ill-fated debut.

Where to find all the Craig the Brute Easter Eggs?

Now, the developer has given the now handsome Brute the recognition he rightfully deserves with a few Easter Eggs which can be found in Halo Infinite's Campaign Mode. These Easter Eggs were first discovered by YouTube Mint Blitz, which has since made the rounds online.

The first of these Easter Eggs is a monument located on the Zeta Halo open-world map neatly hidden out of sight. Players can find this at the start of the fourth campaign mission where they will need to use an upgraded Grappleshot to rappel to the top of The Tower to find the Craig monument.

This memorial features a poster that reads “Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560” with nine concert dates included. Additionally, players can find the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy” Tower Skull not far from this monument’s location.

halo infinite craig the brute halo infinite craig the brute easter eggs halo infinite craig the brute rock monument
Locate The Tower on the Zeta Halo map and rappel to the top to find the Craig the Brute monument. (Picture: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios)

The next Easter Egg is close to the monument. Players can find a vinyl record on the ground, with Craig’s handsome face emblazoned on its cover. The record features the tracklist of Craig's greatest hits which are as follows:

  • I Smile Inside
  • For The Craig
  • I Was Alone
  • I Got Tears Last Summer
  • I’m The Craig In Your Heart
  • My Mom Use To Love Me
  • Popped In The Chin By My Friend
  • Space Gophers, Where’d The Rhinos Go?
  • The Smell Of Flowers Makes Me Happy
  • Your Words Hurt But I Love It
  • The Day You Become A Meme
  • Grunt! Grunt! Grunt!
  • I Can’t Grow Beard
  • I Am So Famous

Players can also find Craig’s guitar beside the record, which if you strike, will make a strumming noise. Based on these Easter Eggs, this provided players with insight into Craig the Brute’s life away from the battlefield.

halo infinite craig the brute halo infinite craig the brute easter eggs halo infinite craig the brute vinyl record halo infinite craig the brute guitar
Players can also find a Craig the Brute "Greatest Hits" vinyl record and his guitar near the monument. (Picture: YouTube / Mint Blitz)

While the popularity of Craig the Brute highlighted problems with Halo Infinite that needed to be resolved, this ultimately became one of the best examples of the development team working alongside the Halo community. As players continue to visit Craig the Brute’s monument in-game, the legend of this dashing Brute will live forever.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios.