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Craig The Brute is the best thing to come out of Halo Infinite so far

The friendly-looking beast was even embraced by developers, 343 Industries, in the days after the Xbox Games Showcase.
Craig The Brute is the best thing to come out of Halo Infinite so far

Halo Infinite is at the centre of some heated debate regarding the visual style and graphical shortcomings fans seem to have noticed, and while the criticisms continue, a little Brute has risen as an unsung hero to spread some positivity in these trying times.

Meet Craig The Brute, an enemy to our hero Master Chief which at first look seems keen on making his existence miserable, however, it appears he's just a misunderstood beast trying to make sense of why there is a need for such violence.

Craig the brute halo memes
(Picture: 343 Industries)

The friendly-looking Brute debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase alongside Halo Infinite and slowly took over the hearts of Halo fans. Many wonder what Craig does when he's not decimating humanity or any other race in the universe. Maybe listening to some lo-fi beats to chill and relax in between invasions?

Halo Craig the brute meme
(Picture: BFAnim)

Halo fans' Twitter feeds got flooded with the face of such an innocent creature, at one point it seemed impossible to escape his sights.

Craig the brute meme halo infinite
(Picture: Chicharostudios)

Even the developers have chimed in on Craig's popularity, with Halo Community Director, Brian Jarrard, demanding you're funniest Craig The Brute memes

Despite the lighthearted meme, 343 Industries has had to deal with some backlash, with Aaron Greenberg explaining how the Halo Infinite gameplay shown was from an early build, promising a better-looking experience when it launches later this year.

Both Bungie and 343 Industries have snuck references and memes created by fans in previous Halo title, and we’re hopeful the beloved Craig makes it into Halo Infinite in some official capacity.