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Halo Infinite fans slam "awful" battle pass system

Unlike other shooters, Halo Infinite doesn't give players match XP, making the battle pass grind rely on challenges.
Halo Infinite fans slam "awful" battle pass system

While thousands of people are currently enjoying Halo Infinite for its smooth shooting mechanics, some are criticising its player progression and XP systems. 

For those unaware, Halo Infinite, like virtually every modern shooter on the market, has adopted a battle pass system, incentivising players to stick around the game for a long time with a set of rewards to chase.

343 Industries might have earned some goodwill when they announced that their battle passes won't ever expire, meaning players can progress at their own pace without worrying about missing out on an incredible cosmetic. However, the lack of match XP seems to be causing plenty of problems.

Halo Infinite fans criticize slow battle pass progression

halo infinite battle pass
Halo Infinite's progression is awful according to some. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Halo fans have taken to both Twitter and Reddit to express their discomfort about the game's progression moving at a snail's pace. 

"Yes, I know the first one is for 6 months and yes I know they never run out. But that doesn't mean that it should take so long to level up, that the next 2 battle passes already release before I'm finished with this one," user Retro_Edge wrote.

In another thread, users rallied behind an enthusiastic fan who bought the battle pass after they called it an "awful" experience. Quite honestly, it's something we can all agree on.

Right now, the only way to earn XP is by completing challenges. There is a daily challenge that awards you 100XP, and 20 weekly challenges worth 200XP, 21 if you own the premium BP.

Just to get the first level of the battle pass completed, you need 1,000XP. Meaning that players will need to go out of their way to focus on these tasks, potentially impacting match quality in the process.

halo infinite battle pass not enough xp
Halo Infinite needs to rework its battle pass system. (Picture: 343 Industries)

XP boosts grant you, as the name suggests, extra XP after completing challenges. They cost 200 Credits, with the store letting you purchase them in bulks as small as 500, and come with Challenge Swaps consumables, again, self-explanatory name.

The big issue is that XP boosts are on a timer, meaning the clock starts running once you activate rather than on a per-match basis, similar to Warzone. With plenty of fans still experiencing issues, it seems like a complete waste of time, effort, and money to even acquire these.

The other main way to earn XP is, again, by splashing out some cash and getting your hands on the premium pass bundle, which costs 2,800 credits (roughly $29.98 or the equivalent depending on your region).

This premium pass comes with 100 XP grants consumables, each giving out 250 XP, which you can use at any time.

So there you have it, until 343 addresses the situation, the only reliable way to earn XP in Halo Infinite is by completing challenges and outright forking out some real money for cosmetic goodies. 


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.