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How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer

The rumours were true, Halo Infinite multiplayer has officially launched, here's how to download it.
How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer

The leaks were true, the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite has arrived weeks before the campaign, helping Microsoft close out their Xbox 20th Anniversary stream with a bang.

343 Industries confirmed that this isn't an extended beta or a contained experience -- this is it, the entire Halo Infinite multiplayer experience. All maps, all modes, and of course, the start of Season 1, called Heroes of Reach, with players able to grind their battle pass starting now.

Even if it leaked, this announcement has certainly caught plenty of people off guard, making them scramble for a way to download the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Don't fret, as we're here to help you download the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer - How to download

halo infinite multiplayer
It's time to start your battle pass grind. (Picture: 343 Industries)

On Xbox:

  • Go to the Store tab.
  • Select the Search bar and enter "Halo Infinite."
  • Two options will appear, the "campaign version" and the Halo Infinite multiplayer component, select the second option.
  • You should be good to go!

On PC, there are two ways to download and play the game; through the Windows Xbox app or Steam.

The process is similar for both platforms:

  • In the search bar type "Halo Infinite".
  • Select the multiplayer option.
  • Download the game!
halo infinite
Halo is finally back! (Picture: 343 Industries)

At the time of writing, there are issues with both the Xbox and Xbox app versions of the game with players still only able to download a 280MB preload file. For those playing on PC, we suggest at the moment you download the game from Steam.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.