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Halo Infinite adds Microsoft's Clippy as reward unlock

Here's everything you need to know about the notorious Microsoft Clippy appearance in Halo Infinite and how to get him as a reward unlock.
Halo Infinite adds Microsoft's Clippy as reward unlock

If you grew up in the days of Microsoft XP (or heaven forbid, you're still using it). You should remember the sentient paperclip assistant available in Microsoft Office named Clippit, better known by his nickname, Clippy. Yes, Clippy was the nickname, weird right? We think Clippy is much cuter.

Regardless, the sassy paperclip is making his comeback in the newly released Season 2 of Halo Infinite. So here's everything you need to know about how Clippy will be joining the action-packed world of Halo Infinite and the details surrounding his appearance.

How to unlock Microsoft's Clippy reward in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Microsoft's Clippy will be a reward or unlock in Season 2
It appears Clippy will be available in a few cosmetic choices for Halo Infinite Players in Season 2. (Picture: Twitter / mspoweruser)

But players shouldn't expect Clippy to be as helpful or interactive in Halo's new season as he might have been when typing our emails and letters back in the day. Based on the Twitter posts from the Senior product manager for Xbox hardware, James Shields, it seems as though Clippy will be a cosmetic option available for players, as the tweet shows off both a Clippy nameplate and gun charm for Halo Infinite.

It also appears that he will be available as an emblem to personalize your Spartan's chest armor or the hood of your Warthog. Which we think would be the perfect thing for your enemies to see before crushing them with your vehicle.

While it seems that Clippy won't be part of the current Battle Pass, or an item to earn in the game, and all the items surrounding Clippy seem to be locked, saying "Available in Season 2". We suspect he will be a shop item that players can purchase for credits. And we hope it happens soon for the fun of it, or if anything, the memes it can generate.

Clippy Halo Infinite reward
Clippy first appeared as an assistant for Microsoft Word on Windows XP. (Picture: Twitter / Polygon)

Although Clippy first appeared in Microsoft XP as an assistant for those using Microsoft Word. The popular joke surrounding him is that he would always pop up randomly offering to help you with something and oftentimes, you didn't need the help.

Because he had fairly quirky mannerisms for the time(1999, sheesh), making him even more meme-worthy, as he would say things like "It looks like you're writing a letter. Would you like help?". Which, at the time made some people cringe internally or giggle at his goofiness and today, meme into obscurity, but hey, he was one of the first of his kind, and we loved him for it.

But here's hoping that we see Clippy possibly make a bigger impact on the halo franchise as time goes on. The possibility for him to appear alongside Cortana, perhaps as a small cameo appearance, and have the two argue over something would be a dream come true for us.


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.