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All known Halo Infinite Season 2 issues and glitches

Halo Infinite Season 2 update has caused several new bugs and glitches to appear in the game. Here are all the known issues and their fixes.
All known Halo Infinite Season 2 issues and glitches

Halo Infinite Season 2 has brought a ton of new content to the game including new game modes and new maps. Unfortunately, the Season 2 update has also caused a wide array of game-breaking issues and glitches.

One of the biggest issues currently plaguing Halo Infinite multiplayer is the Last Spartan Standing event progression glitch, which 343 has yet to formally address via a patch or hotfix. Thankfully, 343 has indeed listed out the other known notable issues in its blog post that you should know about.

Every Halo Infinite Season 2 known issue

halo infinite season 2 issues
Halo Infinite Season 2 update has brought a plethora of game-breaking bugs and glitches along with it. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite Season 2 has not just bugged certain aspects of the game's multiplayer mode, but also parts of Halo Infinite's campaign.

Below you will find an extensive list of issues that 343 Industries knows about alongside ways to work around some of them.


  • When playing on a PC with an AMD GPU and FreeSync capable monitor(s), in-game colours may look washed out or grey in borderless full-screen mode.
  • If you want to play with HDR enabled, ensure it is enabled HDR in Windows and the AMD Radeon Software/Settings. 
  • If you do not want to play with HDR, disable FreeSync via the AMD Radeon Software/Settings.
  • The AMD Radeon Anti-Lag feature can cause performance hitches on some systems if it is turned on.
  • Try turning off the Anti-Lag feature if you notice performance issues. 
  • Older AMD GPU drivers can lead to poor performance.
  • Updating drivers to the most recent version fixes this.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over some menu items does not update what is selected before clicking it.
  • The arrow keys still work as expected.
  • If a PC player has a fireteam set to Invite Only and invites an Xbox player who has two players signed in for splitscreen, the Xbox player who accepts the invitation receives an error saying they can’t join the fireteam. The PC player incorrectly sees a notification that the invited player is joining the fireteam. 

Workaround: Use the Friends Only or Open fireteam settings instead when inviting splitscreen Xbox players.

  • Some minimum hardware specification GPUs may crash when playing intro cinematic sequences in 4k resolution.

Workaround: Uninstalling the Multiplayer HD texture packs fixes this.

  • The Background Recording feature in Windows 10 or the Record What Happened feature in Windows 11 can cause performance issues when enabled. 
  • Turning these features off improves performance. They can be found in the Capture Settings menu of Windows 10 and the Captures menu of Windows 11.  
  • Turning off “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” may also resolve the issue, instead of disabling Background Recording or Record What Happened. If you cannot see this setting you may need to update your graphics driver or Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is not supported by your graphics card.
  • Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is off by default on Windows 10, but on by default in Windows 11. 
  • In Windows 10, turn off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in Graphics settings. 
  • In Windows 11, turn off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling by navigating to Graphics and selecting Default graphics settings.  


  • Speed lines are always visible, even when disabled in the Settings menu.
  • On Xbox One consoles and some PCs, various pieces of Sigrid Eklund's armour are black. This issue also occurs in the preview tile of Eklund's armour kit in the Armor Hall menu.


  • While playing in splitscreen, audio settings change back to default when a player signs out.
  • In multiplayer matches on PC, audio may briefly cut out in areas of the map with a large amount of players or bots.


  • Customizations cannot be changed while loading into a match.
halo infinite last spartan standing
One of the highlights of Halo Infinite Season 2 is a new game mode called Last Spartan Standing.



  • Any option (such as Score to Win) in a Custom Game lobby does not reset to default when switching game modes.
  • After changing the game mode options in the Custom Game lobby for any game mode, changing to a different mode then changing back to the first mode will still show those changed options. The match will start with default options.
  • The first time a Custom Game mode is saved in the Mode Editor, changed Override options are missing when viewing that mode under My Files in the Community tab.
  • Some Custom Game options do not apply correctly when the match starts.
  • When playing Last Spartan Standing and Free-For-All (FFA) Attrition modes in Custom Games, Observers will count as "enemies" on the mini-scoreboard located in the bottom centre of the Heads-Up Display (HUD). The match will also not end as expected when all players are out of lives. The host of the session will need to end the match from the pause menu.
  • Setting the Danger Zone toggle to Off when setting up an Elimination Custom Game does not disable the Danger Zone in-game.
  • When the Match Intro Cinematic is disabled in a Custom Game with multiple rounds, the heads-up display (HUD) will not be visible after the first round.
  • Players will be removed from a Custom Game lobby after completing a match then, once back in the Custom Games lobby, loading a saved game variant and changing match options. The removed player may still see the lobby menu and players in the lobby may still see the removed player in the lobby, but the match will not start after pressing Play. 

Workaround: Recreating the Custom Game lobby may resolve this issue, and the removed player may need to close and relaunch Halo Infinite.

  • Players are unable to respawn in Free-For-All (FFA) Custom Games on Breaker.


  • The kill feed sometimes disappears after a short time or will only provide information about the player being observed at the start of the match.
  • At the start of a new round in a round-based mode, the Observer mode HUD setting sometimes switches to Hide.


  • While watching a film, players who left the match appear as options to follow and prevent swapping between other viewpoints.
  • Players who left an in-progress match will be listed as active viewpoints for the entirety of that match's Theater film. Switching to this player's perspective after they left the match will prevent further changes to the camera's viewpoint.

Workaround: Players can use the film's timeline to view an earlier part of the film and change to another player's perspective.


  • After rapidly signing in with multiple splitscreen players, the game can occasionally get stuck on the “Transitioning” step (visible in the top right of the screen) and becomes unable to create a lobby without restarting the game.
  • In 4-player splitscreen, if a player drops out of the fireteam and the remaining players join a game in progress, one of these players will be unable to play. That player has graphical corruption, is stuck spectating another player, and can be killed by allied players even if friendly fire is off.
  • When a splitscreen fireteam member signs out of their Xbox Live account, then signs back into that account, that player cannot rejoin the fireteam within Custom Games or a Multiplayer matchmaking lobby.

Workaround: Restarting the game fixes this.

  • When playing Last Spartan Standing in splitscreen, the XP counter is not visible for all players. When this occurs, XP is still being counted and levelling up to the next loadout will still work as expected.



  • When using large numbers of XP Grants at once to gain Battle Pass XP to reach the maximum Battle Pass level, any XP grants that were not needed to reach that level are still consumed.
  • In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will show no stats at the end of the match.
  • The Equip Battle Pass button is present on completed Battle Passes but does not function. Only incomplete Battle Passes can be equipped.


  • Credits purchased within the Microsoft Store while the game is running do not appear in-game until after restarting the game.
  • Credits purchased during the scheduled store rollover do not appear until re-opening the Buy Credits section of the Store.


  • The Bot Bootcamp matchmaking playlist has an inaccurate Estimated Wait time. Actual wait times may vary but should be much shorter than the listed Estimated Wait.
  • After pre-purchasing the Campaign within the game, it can take up to a minute before the page updates the Buy button to a Close button.
  • Academy, Custom Games, and the Mode Editor menu may not load while disconnected from the internet.
  • When starting the game offline, connecting to the internet while on the main menu does not allow the player to play online. 

Workaround: Restarting the game fixes this.

  • When the blue loading banner is visible in near the bottom of a menu, cancelling that active load by navigating to another mode's lobby may result in the game entering an unresponsive state. 

Workaround: Wait until the active loading is complete then exit out of the gameplay via the pause menu. If you enter this unresponsive state, close and relaunch Halo Infinite.

  • Preview tiles for Battle Pass rewards and the Event menu may take up to two minutes to load after completing an online multiplayer match or watching a cinematic.
  • In some cases, the preview tiles for Battle Pass rewards may fail to load. If this occurs, the images should refresh after completing another online match or closing then relaunching Halo Infinite.
  • The Challenges, Battle Pass, Customize, and Shop menus may take up to three minutes to load. If these menus do not load within three minutes, try one of the following workarounds:
    • Complete an online multiplayer match.
    • On PC, lower the Maximum Frame Rate option in the Video settings menu.
  • Customization items awarded via Season 2's upcoming in-game Events or included in future Shop bundles appear as "currently unavailable" and "released during Season 2."
  • A future update will clarify which items are tied to Events or Shop bundles.
  • When viewing the Legacy of War armour effect in the Armor Hall menu, the camera does not move to better show the effect on the Spartan's legs.
  • The text chat box will not scroll down to the latest message when Speech-to-Text (STT) is enabled.
  • When using the User Interface (UI) Narration feature, only the first line of the multiplayer scoreboard is narrated.
  • When navigating the Ranked Arena playlist menu with a mouse and keyboard, the Estimated Wait tooltip can be replaced by tooltips related to other menu options.

Workaround: Use the arrow keys to navigate down to the Play button and the Estimated Wait tooltip will re-appear.

  • In the Ranked Arena playlist menu, changing the Ranked Queue type does not update the Estimated Wait tooltip. 

Workaround: Navigate back to the Playlist menu and re-enter the Ranked Arena playlist menu to see the correct Estimated Wait.


  • Plugging in a mouse & keyboard during an active game session on an Xbox console locks the player to a 45 degree look radius. 

Workaround: This issue does not occur if the mouse is already plugged in when the game is launched.

  • The Horizontal Display Margin and Vertical Display Margin settings do not change these margins on Xbox One consoles.
  • When using Keyboard & Mouse on console, mouse input does not work while the game is paused.
  • Xbox consoles using the Instant-on system setting or the Quick Resume feature may encounter the "Multiplayer is Unavailable" error when entering with Halo Infinite via these methods.

Workaround: Close and relaunch Halo Infinite to reconnect to online services.

  • On Xbox Series X|S consoles, the Target Frame Rate option in the Video settings menu features the ability set a cap of 30Hz.
  • Selecting this option will work as expected, however, gameplay will revert to 60Hz after the next relaunch of Halo Infinite.

Workaround: To maintain the 30Hz cap, the Target Frame Rate option will need to be set to 60Hz and then back to 30Hz every time the game is launched.

  • When attempting to quickly enter gameplay, Xbox One consoles may not load into matchmaking sessions or Custom Games.
  • This issue occurs less often if all main menu content is allowed to load before entering a matchmaking search or Custom Game lobby.
  • Players on Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles should not experience this issue. 


  • The Mouse and Zoom Sensitivity options do not scale properly between the different Zoom Level options.


  • Players cannot join another player’s fireteam while in an active match.
  • Leaving a game while dead and attempting to rejoin the same game by joining on a friend through the Social menu causes a loop of “Unable to Join” and “Connecting to Server” errors.



Several options help players navigate menus more easily:


Enabling Linear Navigation Mode adds a visual highlight that allows the user to move between all available menu options on the screen with a limited subset of controls.


Narrating user interface elements can be turned on or off. Narration rate and volume can also be adjusted. This option is only available in English.


The size of user interface text can be increased.  


The speed at which interface text scrolls can be increased or decreased.


Subtitles can be turned on or off. Subtitles display by default.


To reduce the amount of incoming text, subtitles can be set to “Story Only” so that only the dialogue of major characters is shown.


Subtitles can be either increased or decreased in size.


The background of subtitles is designed to provide contrast so subtitles are easier to read. It can be adjusted to be any level of transparency, from nonexistent to solid black.


This setting determines the colour of the speaker’s name in subtitles. The colour can be applied to only the speaker’s name, the entire line of text can be set to the speaker's colour, or this colour coding can be completely removed.

halo infinite accessibility issues
343 Industries is working around to fix all the known accessibility issues in Halo Infinite post Season 2 update. (Picture: 343 Industries)



The colours associated with friendly and enemy interface elements, as well as your fireteam’s callout marker, can be adjusted to whichever colours are easiest for you to see and understand. 


The transparency of the aiming reticle’s outline can be adjusted to any level from nonexistent to solid. The thickness of the reticle outline can also be increased by up to 100% or removed entirely.


The transparency of the HUD (the vital information about the current game state on-screen during gameplay, such as your health bar and ammo) can be adjusted to any level from nonexistent to nearly solid.



Voice chat messages can be sent to other players as synthesized voice using the text chat widget, and other players’ voice chat can be transcribed and displayed as text.



The intensity of radial blur can be adjusted down from a default of 100%.


The intensity of the screen shake effect during sprinting, explosions, equipment use, and cinematic sequences can be adjusted down from a default of 100%.


The intensity of full-screen exposure effects, such as bright flashes during explosions, using equipment, or during game cinematics, can be adjusted down from a default of 100%.


The intensity of other full-screen effects, such as the shield recharging animation or when using equipment, can be adjusted down from a default of 100%.


The “wind streak effects” (white lines) that appear while sprinting to convey speed can be turned off.


The crispness of edges and texture details can be adjusted down from a default of 100%. A lower setting results in more blended graphics.


  • Text-to-Speech sometimes adds extra characters to the ends of words and phrases sent through text chat.
  • The Incoming Voice Chat Volume slider in Audio Settings does not affect Text-to-Speech volume except if set to 0.
  • The main menu navigation tabs at the top of the screen stay visible when the player goes into submenus while using Linear Navigation.
  • Text-to-Speech does not have a way to switch the destination for the message between voice chat and text chat.
  • The “Return to the Battlefield” message that appears while out of bounds in a match cannot be read by Protanopia Colorblind users.
  • The intro cinematic sequences for Campaign and Academy cannot be paused.
  • When using Keyboard & Mouse on console, mouse input does not work while the game is paused.
  • On PC, Speech-to-Text must be manually disabled then re-enabled in the Accessibility Settings for some first-time players.
  • Audio Settings revert to defaults after a splitscreen player signs out.


  • The following in-game locations do not have UI Narration:
    • The Season Pass menu button in the top right of the main menu.
    • The “Invite sent” text that appears after sending an invitation to another player.
    • The number of reshuffles available in the Challenges tab.
  • The controller mapping layout in the Settings menu is read before the player accesses the Button Layout settings.
  • Each controller keybinding in the Controller Settings menu is narrated as “option 1 of 1.”
  • The Campaign preorder screen in-game is not fully narrated unless the UI Narration Rate in Accessibility Settings is set to Faster.


  • UI Narration may not read some collectables information when starting a mission.
  • Equipment upgrades cannot be purchased in the Upgrades menu while using the Linear Navigation accessibility feature.


  • Match settings changed in the Mode Editor still show as the defaults. The changed settings work as expected once the match begins.

These are all the known issues that plague Halo Infinite post Season 2 update.


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.