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Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement: How to complete, rewards, more

The Halo Infinite campaign is now live after the title's initial debut via multiplayer mode. There are also a number of achievements available to unlock, here's everything you need to know for how to complete the Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement.
Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement: How to complete, rewards, more

The release of Halo Infinite was highly-anticipated and the reception since its release has proven 343 Industries has managed to do what DICE are failing to, and that is getting an FPS franchise back on track.

With the campaign now out, players are diving into Halo's most expansive entry yet. And while much is different, some things never changed, with Halo Infinite offering up plenty of unique and reward achievements to complete. 

Achievements can task players with all kinds of in-game tasks in both campaign and multiplayer and some are proving, if not difficult to complete, at least confusing on what exactly is expected to do so.

One of the more simple ones, but one that can leave players feeling confused, is the Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement. If you are curious on how to complete it and what rewards it offers, this simple guide will see you right.

The Secret Stash achievement in Halo Infinite requires players to find a Razorback. (Picture: 343 Industries)

How to complete Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement

The Halo Infinite Secret Stash achievement is very simple to complete, and there are a number of ways to go about it. We'll outline the easiest method, as it requires you to interact with a Razorback (vehicle).

As the achievement reads, to complete Secret Stash, players must place an item in the Razorback's storage in a matchmade game. For the simplest completion of the Secret Stash achievement, load into Big Team Battle on Fragmentation.

The rear of each team's main base spawns a Razorback on the right side of the lowest level. The explosive core that you'll need spawns just above the vehicle on the top level.

Pick up the core and walk to the back of the Razorback, then look at the top left or right of the rear and you'll see a prompt to attach the core to the vehicle. Once you attach the core the achievement should be completed and you'll be rewarded 5 gamerscore points.

Go check out our dedicated Halo page for all the latest as the campaign and multiplayer modes are now both live and available to play. We'll keep you up to date with all the latest weapons, vehicles, and map information.

Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.