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How to get Halo Infinite stats: Player KD, assists, matches, records and more

Here's how every player can see their Halo Infinite stats, from the kill/death (KD) ratio to assists, how many matches they've played and much more.
Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta was launched on 15th November 2021, and since then, Spartans across the globe have been, for the most part, enjoying the experience. While there have been some issues, such as the slow battle pass progression system, and recently, cheating on PC, the game is no doubt still fantastic. 

If you've been enjoying Halo Infinite as much as the next Spartan, then you might want to know how you can see your career records, including stats such as your kill/death (KD) ratio, assists, maps played and more. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered, explaining exactly how you can see all your Halo Infinite stats with relative ease.

Halo Infinite KD stats and more

To find your Halo Infinite KD stats as well as other interesting stats showing just how well, or badly, you have been doing since the game's multiplayer beta launch on 15th November, is quite easy.

Halo infinite stats kd kill death how to get player records assists halo tracker
Log in with your Xbox Live credentials to check your Halo Infinite states! (Picture: HaloTracker)

All you need to do is head on over to the HaloTracker website. Then, enter your Xbox Live Username. For some, simply searching your username won't work but you can also sign in with Xbox Live to get your complete player records.

As you can see from the image below, my Halo Infinite stats are terrible! The HaloTracker website, however, isn't, as it showcases not only your KD but numerous other interesting stats.

Halo infinite stats kd kill death how to get player records assists halo tracker
Wessel "Sillicur" Minnie's embarrassing Halo Infinite stats. (Picture: HaloTracker)

From headshot accuracy to overall weapon accuracy, assists, damage dealt and more, there's really nothing left to be desired.

Furthermore, the HaloTracker website also tells players how well they are doing compared to others. For example, my melee kills are in the bottom 10%.

Lastly, players can also see how they rank compared to others, and even where they end up on the leaderboard.

Halo infinite stats kd kill death how to get player records assists halo tracker
The best of the best Halo Infinite players right now. (Picture: HaloTracker)

While we've checked the accuracy of the HaloTracker website and it does appear to be on point, please remember that it is not officially associated with 343 Industries or Microsoft, so don't go and send the developer messages if your Halo Infinite stats are a bit off.

For more on Halo, please make sure to check our dedicated section full of news, guides and more.

Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.