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Halo Infinite Killing Spree medals and requirements

There are few more satisfying sounds in gaming than hearing the announcer in Halo hailing a "Killing Spree!", and Halo Infinite adds to that with a series of medals, to reward players for racking up the kills.
Halo Infinite Killing Spree medals and requirements

Racking up the kills in Halo Infinite is so satisfying that it basically makes up for the game's more troublesome aspects.

The move to be a PC-first game with a movement and aim system properly configured for mouse and keyboard has elevated Infinite's multiplayer to a previously unseen degree and the future is bright for the title for both casual and competitive players.

One aspect unchanged is the game's rewarding of kill streaks or killing sprees in the game's parlance, and once activated you will hear that iconic booming voice announcing your feat.

Halo Infinite also has a number of Killing Spree medals that reward players for killing multiple enemies without dying.

Halo Infinite Killing Spree medals
Halo Infinite medals award players for various actions taken during games. (Picture: 343 Industries)

So, you may be wondering just how do you unlock these Killing Sprees? And if you are, this is the guide for you.

What is a Killing Spree?

A Killing Spree is a medal type in Halo Infinite that rewards players for killing multiple enemies in Halo Infinite without dying.

The first spree starts at five kills and the last dubbed "Demon" is for killing 40 opponents without dying. 

There is also a Killing Spree medal for ending another player's spree called "Killjoy".

How to get a Killing Spree

Getting a Killing Spree is easy on paper but hard in practice, crucial to your success in doing so will be not killing per se, but staying alive.

If you are attempting to get a Killing Spree you will want to stay alive as long as possible. Pick your fights with thought, don't take an easy kill if it puts you in harm's way and remember to position yourself as such that you can hide and recharge your shields.

Halo Infinite Killing spree
Choosing favourable fights is key to wracking up a Killing Spree. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Also, you will need a cool head, think about trying to play defensively -- not offensively -- picking people off with a sniper, from afar, rather than running and gunning.

Halo Infinite - Killing Spree medals

In total there are nine Killing Spree medals and they come in four varieties; Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Killing Spree Medals
Killjoy Normal End an enemy's killing spree
Killing Spree Heroic Kill 5 enemies without dying
Killing Frenzy Legendary Kill 10 enemies without dying
Running Riot Mythic Kill 15 enemies without dying
Rampage Mythic Kill 20 enemies without dying
Nightmare Mythic Kill 25 enemies without dying
Boogeyman Mythic Kill 30 enemies without dying
Grim Reaper Mythic Kill 35 enemies without dying
Demon Mythic Kill 40 enemies without dying

There are also medals for killing enemies in quick succession, though these are separate from Killing Spree medals and are called Multikill medals.

Multikill Medals
Double Kill Heroic Kill 2 enemies in quick succession
Triple Kill Legendary Kill 3 enemies in quick succession
Overkill Mythic Kill 4 enemies in quick succession
Killtacular Mythic Kill 5 enemies in quick succession
Killtrocity Mythic Kill 6 enemies in quick succession
Killamanjaro Mythic Kill 7 enemies in quick succession
Killtastrophe Mythic Kill 8 enemies in quick succession
Killpocalypse Mythic Kill 9 enemies in quick succession
Killionaire Mythic Kill 10 enemies in quick succession

Getting any or all of these will take a fair amount of time but probably less of a grind than Halo Infinite's infamous battle pass.


Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.