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The best Halo Infinite skill jumps

Learning advanced movement techniques in Halo Infinite can be the difference between winning and losing in ranked. This guide will show you how to master the most insane skill jumps.
The best Halo Infinite skill jumps

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is still technically in beta, and despite some progression hiccups, the gameplay is as smooth as fans hoped for.

With high-level players getting acquainted with the maps in ranked and the Halo Championship Series on its way, veterans are slowly but surely trying to optimise movement in Infinite, finding new tech on every map.

Ditching techniques from Halo 5 such as the thruster packs, turning them into abilities Spartans can pick up in combat, Infinite feels like a more compact, organic progression of game flow seen in the original trilogy. 

As such, creativity is in order, and knowing the right angles for skill jumping in Halo Infinite's maps can be the difference between you getting stuck in a tough spot or making it out alive.

We'll also have a guide for general movement techniques and how to best use the dash, but in the meantime, let's take a look at some of the best and most useful skill jumps in Halo Infinite. 

Best Halo Infinite skill jumps

As mentioned, plenty of Halo streamers are coming up with new ways to traverse maps, so a huge shoutout to HCS content creator, Alexander Hope, as he's the one that's dug deeper than the rest.

Live Fire Wall Jump

live fire halo infinite
Live Fire in Halo Infinite. (Picture: 343 Industries)

The first jump is on Live Fire on the Canal section, which will allow you to transition from the bottom of the map all the way to top-mid, near the sniper spawn.

Jump on the panel you see on the wall, once you're up make sure to aim slightly right of the edge you want to climb. The timing can be tricky, but you need to crouch jump towards the ledge.

Don't crouch jump right away, instead, walk off the panel and wait just a bit to jump, this should give you enough room to make the turn and grab the ledge. 

Recharge Skill Jump

On the bottom section of Recharge, near the spot where the Repulsor ability spawns, there's a nifty way to get back to mid easily without leaving you entirely open to enemy fire.

Crouch jump unto the panel to the right of the corridor leading to the Sword spawn, from there, you can easily access mid by doing another normal jump towards the ledge. If spaced properly, you can even bypass the ledge animation, saving you a precious second in which you won't have to holster your weapon.

Streets Dash Jump

streets halo
Streets map in Halo Infinite. (Picture: 343 Industries)

The final one we'll showcase for now is on Streets. We're sure you've tried at least a couple of times to reach the bridge on the left side of the facility you can get into, and with this trick, you can do it without needing the jet boost.

Essentially you need to gather enough momentum by sprinting and then going for a jumping dash boost followed by another jump. It might sound difficult and that's because it is.

If you manage to land it, you can surprise enemies who'll have no idea what hit them. 


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.