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Nintendo president publicly apologises for Switch Joy-Con drift

For the first time since the issue with Switch's Joy-Con drift became publicly known last summer, Nintendo is issuing an official apology.
Nintendo president publicly apologises for Switch Joy-Con drift

If you own Nintendo Switch you are probably more than happy with your console. 

Easy to use and with many great games, Switch quickly became one of the most popular gaming consoles over the last few years since its release in March 2017.

And yet, there was one burning issue that plagued the experience of many, and it wasn't particularly talked about until when Switch Joy-Con drifting lawsuit came last summer.

nintendo switch joy con drifting
Analogue sticks faulty is causing the "drift" effect (Picture: Nintendo)

We're talking about "Drifting" Joy-Con controllers, an issue where controller movements are registered even when the analogue sticks are left untouched because sticks are "drifting".

The suit claims that Nintendo was fully aware of a defect which causes Joy-Cons to drift, but they did nothing to fix it and even charged people for its repair after their one-year warranty expires.

Nintendo quietly acknowledged this issue last July and the first step was to no longer charge costumers when they come with Joy-Con drift issues, but they have never publically issued any official statement, until now.


nintendo switch joy con drifting
The same drifting problem prevails on Switch Lite (Picture: Nintendo)

Yesterday, in a Japanese Q+A meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has officially apologised for the "inconvenience" caused by Joy-Con issues.

He didn't want to talk more about it due to the ongoing class-action lawsuit, which was sent to arbitration in May.

This public apology is definitely a step in the right direction, especially since the issue wasn't fixed even with the Switch Lite, which came out two years later, and it is definitely something that significantly hurdles enjoyment, and hurts the overall experience.

Do you own Nintendo Switch and did you experience a similar issue with Joy-Cons drift?