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Full Ashes Of Outland set will be revealed on a live stream with Kripparrian

Hearthstone reveal season was rather fast this time around since the expansion release was scheduled only three weeks after the announcement. And tonight we're going to see the rest of the set.
Full Ashes Of Outland set will be revealed on a live stream with Kripparrian

It has been just a week since the newest Hearthstone expansion was announced, Ashes of Outland, and tonight we already have a full reveal stream.

That's quite unusual for your typical reveals seasons, but things are going fast this time around.

As of today, we've seen around ~half of the 135 cards, which will be featured in Ashes of Outland.

Classes that currently have the smallest amount of revealed cards are Priest, Warrior, Warlock, and Mage, so we can expect that some decks from these three classes will be showcased today on stream. Especially Priest, which currently has only two cards revealed from the new expansion.

As usual, reveal stream will consist of one guest Hearthstone personality and two developers who will accompany him as he plays decks designed around new cards, against Chakki, former Hearthstone pro and now a game designer in Blizzard.

This time, the personality host will be Kripparian, which is his second time to have this honor (before him we had Brian Kibler and Day9).

The stream starts today at 10 AM PT (6 PM CET), and you can watch it live on the official Hearthstone Youtube channel. It usually lasts around  40 to 60 minutes, so make sure to check it and be amongst the first people to see new cards!