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Unlock Demon Hunter and 30 Demon Hunter cards for free in Hearthstone

Demon Hunter Prologue single-player is now open and free for all players.
Unlock Demon Hunter and 30 Demon Hunter cards for free in Hearthstone

Ashes of Outland, the latest Hearthstone expansion, is coming out in less than a week. As a part of the preparation for it, Demon Hunter Prologue chapter was released today, and by completing it, players will unlock Demon Hunter class and 30 Demon Hunter cards - completely free!

Upon finishing the prologue, players will get the Demon Hunter Basic set, the Demon Hunter Initiate set, and pre-built Demon Hunter deck (you need to have a deck slot open). However, those cards will be locked in your collection, since you won't be able to use Demon Hunter before the launch of the expansion, next Tuesday(April 7).


In the prologue chapter, we follow young Illidan as a Night Elf Mage, in the time of War of the Ancients, and we watch him becoming Demon Hunter by deceiving Demons that he's their ally. First, we fight Azzinoth and we take his famous Warglaives, then we play with Xavius, acting like we're working with him, only to then defeat Mannoroth and take decisive victory against demons. As a final battle, Illidan is fighting his brother Malfurian, and then he's being famously imprisoned for ten thousand years.

Although short, this mini-campaign is fun and acts as a nice introduction to Demon Hunter as a class and Illidan as a character, to those who don't know him.