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Top 5 best Ashes of Outlands Legendary cards

Ashes of Outlands is finally here. Let's which Legendary cards are amongst the strongest.
Top 5 best Ashes of Outlands Legendary cards

The most exciting time in the life of a Hearthstone player is always the first few days of expansion launch. Everything feels fresh and new, and everyone is experimenting and trying out various new decks and combos with the cards they have just opened on the first day. And now it is even better than before, because we've got an entirely new Class to play with - Demon Hunter. Duplicate protection is also implemented across all rarities, which means you will not get third copies of your Epic, Rare and Common cards until you have every card of that rarity from the set. Yet, there are still a lot of legendaries which aren't cheap, and using your dust wisely is something we strongly advise.

After careful consideration and analysis of all new Legendaris from Ashes of Outlands, here's our opinion on which ones are the best and will almost surely dominate the meta.

5. Kargath Bladefist


Not many people are considering Kargath as one of the top cards of this expansion, simply because it is amongst the least flashy "Prime" cards of the set. But I think that he will be the staple card of many Warrior archetypes, simply because it is a great utility card. It offers excellent early game board control, which can both help you not to fall behind and maybe even trade 2-for-1 since the statline is quite formidable for a four mana Rush minion - 4/4 is about as good as you can hope. And his Prime version is simply a saviour card, something to secure wins against many archetypes. It has an instant effect on the game both in terms of board control and in terms of survivability. It can clear just about any big threat in the late state of the game, and survive in most of these trades, which will clear opponents big threat, give you 10 Armor and leave you with 10/x minion on the board for the opponent to deal with it. I reckon that Karhath will be a staple part of a new Highlander Warrior, possibly including Hack the System to replace Dr Boom as a late-game value generator. But it is generally good in almost any Warrior deck. You would also play it in Galakrond Warrior or some kind of a new Tempo Warrior. 


4. Shadowjeweler Hanar


Next one is the Rogue Legendary Shadowjeweler Hanar. Finally some support for the Rogue Secrets and oh boy - this is a great support! Perfect stats distribution for a minion you want to survive when you drop it on turn 2 since 5 damage is really hard to deal this early. But that's not even the best-case scenario. You can play Hanar later in the game and chain-play Secrets you discover. It is important to note that you will always get three secrets from three different classes; When you play Rogue secret, you will be offered a choice between Hunter, Mage and Paladin secret. But if you then play, for example, Paladin secret, next choice will be Hunter, Mage and Rogue, etc. This means you can chain up to five Secrets on turn 10 if you choose only Rogue, Hunter and Paladin secrets. Really great tool and the card that will only get stronger as we get new Secrets and Secret support in the upcoming expansions of the year, which we sure hope it will be the case. Rogue got three Secrets this expansion, and they all look like they will have some use. Ambush is a slightly different Venomstrike Trap, Dirty Tricks are easy to activate and provide solid value, while Bamboozle is probably the best and often will present opponent with some really awkward situations. It is probably perfect for protecting Hanar since your opponent wants to kill it, but with Bamboozle it will give you five drop on turn 3/4. However, probably one of the main reasons why this Secret synergy will work is Blackjack Stunner, But we'll talk about that card in a separate article.

3. Astromancer Solarian


Number three on our list is another Prime card, this time the Mage one. Astromancer Solarian in his basic form is similar to Cult Sorcerer, which saw play in Tempo Mage decks, so it is nothing to scoff at. But the real deal comes with his Prime Version. It is almost like Yogg, but arguably better. He is 3 mana cheaper, has 7/7 body, Spell Damage +1, and he cast only Mage spells (usually better than the others). Finally, the best part is that random spells are scripted so that they work in your favour, not completely random; damage spells will target enemies, etc. Solarian is the type of minion which is universally useful, and it will see play in a  lot of Mage meta decks. You can play him in some Tempo/Aggro/Burst variations, and he will for sure find his place in Reno Mage, and any other future Control Mage archetype. There is no downside of putting him in the deck, nor some anti-synergy, he is simply that versatile.

2. Kayn Sunfury


You should know from the start that you will hate this card. This first card with the charge mechanic printed since Knights of the Frozen Throne (released in August 2017). And not just that, but it has the dream effect of any face decks - it ignores taunts. Amongst many Demon Hunter variations, one of the strongest will most surely be Aggro/Face Demon Hunter,  and this card will be the king there. You will never be safe no matter how good are your Taunt minions. Winged Guardian, Libram of Hope, Convincing Infiltrator, Skeletal Dragon, Khartut Defender... all great Taunt minions that we will see in the meta, will often render useless in crucial moments because of Kayn Sunfury. The great thing with Kayn Sunfury is the fact that he can be used against both Tempo/Aggro decks and against slower, control type of decks. Against Aggro/Tempo opponents you simply use them early to establish board control with good trades, while against slower decks you keep him as a finisher who will make sure that no pesky taunt will stop you on your way to win. In all those moments when your opponent thinks he's safe, there's a surprise waiting for him in the form of Kayn Sunfury. He will open up space for your hero to attack and also for any minion on your board, along with himself. And if you manage to draw him with Skull of Gul'dan, there's an even bigger space for some crazy combos and more damage.

1. Maiev Shadowsong


And finally, the number one best legendary of the set - Maiev Shadowsong. Legendary Night Elf warden will make sure that none will escape. She is a fantastic utility tool for any type of deck, and I'm almost sure that we will see her in almost all the best Meta decks. When you put minion to be dormant, you are practically removing him from the game for two turns, without activating his Deathrattle effects. And two turns in Hearthstone is a lot, often more than enough to finish the game. You can remove big threat until you stabilize, you can remove Taunt for lethal, you can stop Lethal from your opponent, you can turn the tide on the board and steal tempo advantage... You can even use her on your own minions, for example, to reactivate Dormant effects on new Imprisoned minions or to protect some big combo piece on the board, to set up a combo for two turns. If any card is a day one craft, that is Maiev. Craft her, and you won't make a mistake.

Which decks do you plan to play on the first day? Was this guide useful to you? Tell us in the comments!