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Demon Hunter is coming to Hearthstone as the first new class ever

Due to a premature article published by Polygon, we now know that Illidan Stormrage, the Demon Hunter, will be coming to Hearthstone in the Ashes of Outland expansion, as the first new class in the history of the game.

The first big Hearthstone news of this decade was supposed to come tomorrow. 

The announcement is scheduled for tomorrow's  "Hearthstone 2020 Showcase" stream, where we would have seen the news which Hearthstone caster Dan "Frodan" Chou described as "something that will cement Hearthstone for the next ten years."

But it seems that the last couple of years almost any big Hearthstone news suffers from leaks right before the official announcement, and so the history repeats itself.

Someone at Polygon made a colossal mistake earlier today and published an article prepared for tomorrow. Said piece was quickly pulled down, but not before people manage to extract all the information and archive it.

And the announcement is big. Something we never thought would have happened, as Blizzard themselves said it would never happen.

After six years, we're finally getting a new class! The 10th Hearthstone class is the Demon Hunter, with Illidan Stormrage as its Hero!

Illidan Stormrage, the Demon Hunter, will be coming to Hearthstone in the Ashes of Outland expansion, along with a free campaign that re-tells his origin story and grants players the Demon Hunter deck they need to play the class in competitive modes.

The article also mentioned a second singleplayer story campaign, called The Rusted Legion, which will come to Hearthstone later this year, and its story is based around Mecha-Jaraxxus.

The Demon Hunter's hero power is Demon Claws, a 1-Mana ability that grants 1 Attack. Also, the Demon Hunter has a keyword called Outcast, which makes cards more powerful when the player plays them from the right- or left-most position in a player's hand.

"Demon Hunters don't have much in the way of card generation, but you can run them out of resources," says game designer Chadd Nervig in an interview with Polygon. "They have card draw, but not generation, so you can fatigue them. They're susceptible to hard removal. They also just don't have much in the way of hard removal themselves; if they want to clear a big minion of yours, they have to use their face to do it. They don't have any assassinate or polymorph cards."

There is also mention of the new Minion type - Prime minion. Each of the nine old classes will get one, and they are Legendary minions that have two forms, the other, a more powerful one, is shuffled in your deck when the first one dies.

Finally, it seems that Priest will go through some slight design changes - Blizzard is going to the class' core cards and making some tweaks in order to solidify Preist as a control class.

The Demon Hunter's story campaign releases on April 2, and the Demon Hunter is available to play on April 7.


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