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Hearthstone Masters Tour LA - schedule, format, prize pool & how-to watch

Find out everything that you need to know about Masters Tour LA including who’s playing, schedule, format and how to watch the tournament!
Hearthstone Masters Tour LA - schedule, format, prize pool & how-to watch

Despite logistical challenges due to The Coronavirus pandemic, Masters Tour LA is slated to be held tomorrow Friday 20th March and continue through elimination brackets on Sunday, although it will now be held entirely online.

In the face of these challenges, the major Hearthstone tournament still has over 300 competitors, with many heavy hitters among them, including Amnesiac, Firebat, HunterAce, and a slew of other Hearthstone Grandmasters.

Here’s what you need to know about the tournament structure, the prize pool, and where to watch it. 

The Format

Masters Tour LA will be using a structure familiar to competitive Hearthstone fans: 4-deck Conquest.

For those unfamiliar, each player brings four decks from different classes to the event and plays a best of five match each round, with each player getting a chance to ban one deck before playing any games. This means any given player will have to win with all three of their un-banned decks. 

The Tournament is divided into three days.

Day one consists of five rounds of Swiss pairings with players being eliminated after losing their third match, and players with a 3-2 record or better progressing to day two 

Day two will continue with the same structure, with the top eight players at the end of the day advancing into day three, which will be 3 rounds of an elimination bracket to determine the winner. 


Hearthstones Master LA: Schedule & How-To Watch



Blizzard will be broadcasting this event on their YouTube page with broadcasters Frodan, Azumo, DoA, and Heatwave.

  • Friday 20th: Day 1 of Swiss Pairings 
  • Saturday 21st: Day 2 of Swiss Pairings (top 8 determined)
  • Sunday 22nd: Top 8 elimination bracket



Masters Tour LA holds a massive prize purse of 250,000 dollars which players will be scrapping it out for. Here’s what the payout structure looks like: 

1st place: $32,500 
2nd place: 22,500
3rd place: 15,000
4th place: 15,000
5th-8th Place: 11,000
Anything below top 8 with 7 wins: 3,5000

Be sure to tune into this weekend, as it’s sure to be a fantastic event!