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Hearthstone patch 17.0 changed daily quests to 50%/50% split between 50g and 60g

According to developers, there was an unintended bug that offered more 60g quests than it should.
Hearthstone patch 17.0 changed daily quests to 50%/50% split between 50g and 60g

If you play Hearthstone regularly on a daily basis, you might have noticed in the last seven days that you are getting less 60 gold quests than usual. If so, you are not the only one and this is something many Hearthstone players noticed and reported on Reddit, Battle.net forums and other places.

This thing started happening after the patch 17.0 was implemented, and players thought that it is probably connected with it, especially considering that it came with a plethora of bugs. After a week of silence regarding this particular topic, Hearthstone developer that goes by the name Celestalon on Reddit, explained the situation.


He said that before 17.0 the odds were unintentionally skewed towards more "difficult" quests (60g) after you reroll the quest. And now, with these new changes chances are equal to get hard or easy quest after you reroll 60g one.

"When we added all the different combinations of "play games on these 3 classes", that massively increased the total number of Difficult quests, which made "a random quest from the whole pool" skew heavily toward Difficult, which was unintended. In 17.0, we tweaked that to give you a 50/50 chance of getting Easy or Difficult, when you reroll an Easy, so that it's not so heavily skewed," he explained. 

And although his explanation is constructed in a way that it looks like they are actually helping people who don't want to play Difficult quests, reactions from players are massively negative since most people reroll to get 60g quest. At the time of writing this article, his explanation sits at -130 points on Reddit.

Players are particularly angry because this was omitted from patch notes completely, nor there was any explanation for a whole week, which does look suspiciously intentional, almost like they wanted to hide this information, fearing of negative reactions, but in the end they've only made it worse by bot being open about it from the start.