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All Easter Eggs & Secrets In Hogwarts Legacy

From hidden references to nods to Harry Potter characters, here are all the easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy that you won't want to miss!
All Easter Eggs & Secrets In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various magical quests and challenges, with adventure awaiting at every turn. But did you know that many hidden secrets and easter eggs are scattered throughout the game? From nods to characters from the Harry Potter universe to clever references and hidden surprises, the game is packed with easter eggs you won't want to miss.

This guide will take a closer look at some of the best easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy. We'll explore some of the best secrets you can discover as you play, from secret rooms to clever references to fan-favorite Harry Potter characters. So grab your wand and get ready to explore the hidden secrets of Hogwarts Legacy. 

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

Every Easter Egg In Hogwarts Legacy: All Hidden Secrets

While our guide will certainly provide plenty of magical surprises for players, we know that there are likely even more hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. That said, we want to credit YouTuber AndyReloads for identifying some of the less obvious references in the game. You can check out their video embedded at the end of the guide for a visual walkthrough of each. So without any furth ado, here are all the easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy

The Weasley Family References

  • The "Follow the Butterflies" side quest is a direct reference to Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, unlocking after completing Jackdaw's Rest Quest. In the film and books, Harry and Ron follow a trail of spiders, leading them to Aragog's Den in the Forbidden Forest. En route, Ron says, "Why couldn't it be 'Follow the Butterflies?'"
  • The icon for the Transfiguration spell is another nod to Ron Weasley. The icon features a cup with a rat tail, referencing Ron's failed attempt to turn his rat Scabbers (aka Peter Pettigrew) into a cup in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Zonko's Joke Shop in Hogsmeade has two twins with red hair and hand-me-down clothes, presumably a reference to Fred and George Weasley. In the Harry Potter films, the Weasleys were known to pass clothes down to other family members, with Fred and George being infamous school pranksters.
  • In the PlayStation-exclusive Hogsmeade quest, you can find a life-size Wizard's Chess board in Hogwarts Castle. In this challenge, the ghost Fastidio says, "Knight to H-3," another reference to Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
easter eggs hogwarts legacy
There are tons of easter eggs hidden throughout Hogwarts Legacy. (Picture: Warner Bros. Games)

Quidditch References

  • While Professor Black banned quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, the pitch in the game has the same infrastructure as in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film. Also, the broom flying class in the game mirrors the camera work from Philosopher's Stone film -- a great bit of detail!
  • The Golden Snitch can be found shortly after entering the Room of Requirement with Professor Weasley. While you cannot catch it in the game, the existence of the Snitch is a direct reference to the Harry Potter films, which Dumbledore famously used to hide one of the Deathly Hallows: the Stone of Resurrection.
  • Madam Kogawa's office has a miniature quidditch game taking place on her table. It's hard not to miss!

Chamber of Secrets Easter Eggs

how to enter chamber of secrets hogwarts legacy
You can see the mark of Salazar Slytherin on the faucet. (Picture: YouTube / GReimer Gaming)
  • Ominis Gaunt is a main character in Hogwarts Legacy who you'll befriend during Sebastian Sallow's "In the Shadows" questline. He is a direct descendent of Salazar Slytherin, and his family stems from a long line of pure-bloods, including his presumed father Marvolo Gaunt -- Lord Voldemort's grandfather!
  • You can find the location of the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets in the Slytherin girl's bathroom of Hogwarts Legacy. Also, if you look closely at one of the facets directly opposite the toilets, you'll spot the engraving of a snake, which requires someone to speak "Open" in Parseltongue to unlock the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Speaking of which, you'll hear Ominis Gaunt speak Parseltongue to open one of the doors to Salazar Slytherin's Scriptorium in Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, this is yet another reference to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which is when we first learn about this enigmatic snake language.
  • After gaining access to Slytherin's Scriptorium, you can find a letter written by Salazar referencing the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets film. "I shall place the creature into a deep sleep in its chamber until it can be awakened by one who shares my views [...] one who shall rid the school of [Muggle-borns]," the letter reads.
  • You can find the location of the 2nd-floor girls' bathroom, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione use Polyjuice Potion in the Chamber of Secrets film. While you can't actually brew this potion in the game, you will get to use it during Niamh Fitzgerald's questline to get into the Headmaster's Office.

More Harry Potter Easter Eggs In Hogwarts Legacy

all references to harry potter in hogwarts legacy
There are loads of other Harry Potter references that you probably missed in Hogwarts Legacy. (Picture: Warner Bros.)
  • The appearance of Newt Scamander's animal companions, the Niffler and Pickett, are a clear nod to the Fantastic Beasts films.
  • Many of the Facewear in Hogwarts Legacy look like spectrespecs, magical glasses that allow the wearer to see wrackspurts (invisible creatures that float around people's ears). Of course, this references Luna Lovegood, who described the glasses as making the wearer look like a "multi-colored owl."
  • The existence of the One-eyed Witch passageway in Hogwarts Legacy, which leads from Hogwarts to Honeydukes in Hogsmeade, and the associated side quest "Dissending for Sweets" are both direct references to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • The Daedalian Key quest involves locating flying keys and placing them into the keyholes of cabinets to unlock house tokens and exclusive house relic robes. This easter egg references the first Harry Potter film, representing a trial created by Professor Flitwick to safeguard Nicholas Flemel's Philosopher's Stone.
  • On that note, if you head into one of the classrooms in the upper level of the Astronomy Wing (use the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame), you'll find Professor Flitwick's classroom where Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned the Windgardium Leviosa spell. You'll also find choir frogs at the teacher's podium.
  • The portrait in the Ravenclaw Tower resembles Richard Harris, who played Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films. Harris sadly died in 2002, making this particular easter egg in Hogwarts Legacy sincere.
  • The appearance of a cage on the battlements is the same one in which Sirius Black was imprisoned in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You can find the cage up the stairs from Professor Ronen's office, which you can access quickly via the Charms Classroom Floo Flame.
  • When you learn the Avada Kedavra spell, you'll notice that the spell pathway is a lightning bolt, a direct reference to Harry Potter's scar.
  • You can spot a House Elf that resembles Dobby from the Chamber of Secrets. Unfortunately, you can only spot the House Elves at night when they come out to clean the Castle. You won't be able to get very close, as they quickly apparate away when you approach them.

And that concludes our guide on every easter egg in Hogwarts Legacy (well, at least the ones we know of). If you have any secrets you think we missed or want to share your thoughts on the game, get in touch with the author via Twitter at the link below. We'd love to hear from fellow fans of the wizarding world. In addition, you might like to check out our Hogwarts Legacy hub page for even more guides to help you on your journey to becoming a powerful witch or wizard.

All Easter Eggs & Secrets In Hogwarts Legacy FAQ

Are there any references to the Weasley family in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can find references to the Weasley family in the game, such as the "Follow the Butterflies" quest and the Transfiguration spell icon.

Are there any Quidditch references in Hogwarts Legacy?

Although quidditch is banned in the game, you can still find references to it, including the infrastructure of the pitch and a Golden Snitch in the Room of Requirement.

Are there any easter eggs related to the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can discover easter eggs related to the Chamber of Secrets, such as the location of the entrance, Parseltongue usage, and a letter written by Salazar Slytherin.