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Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide: Best Characters To Reroll For

Here is everything you need to know about rerolling in Honkai Star Rail!
Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide: Best Characters To Reroll For

Rerolling is common practice when starting a new gacha game. For those unaware, rerolling is the process of playing through the opening section of a game until you are able to start summoning characters. Then, if players fail to acquire the unit they desire, they will reset their account and start the process over again.

This can be a very grueling and time-consuming process which becomes even more irritating if you have to create multiple email addresses. However, rerolling can ensure you start with the most optimal account possible. The Honkai Star Rail reroll feature is no different!

So, if you are interested in optimizing your Honkai Star Rail account, we've got you covered. This Honkai Star Rail reroll guide will cover everything you need to know, including how to reroll, what characters to reroll for, and more!

Honkai Star Rail
There will be several available banners to choose from in Honkai Star Rail. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

First and foremost, it is not recommended to reroll in Honkai Star Rail. The process is very long and requires multiple email addresses, as clearing your game data does not work. So, with that out of the way, here's how to reroll in Honkai Star Rail!

How To Reroll

  1. Open up the game and log in with a fresh email address.
  2. Play through the opening section of the game (30-40m with unskippable cutscenes).
  3. After unlocking Warping, perform your summons on the Stellar Warp (those looking to acquire two five-star units should reset here if no five-star is acquired).
  4. After acquiring a five-star from the Stellar Warp, switch over to the Departure Warp and perform the rest of your pulls there to acquire another five-star character.
  5. Reset if you don't get the characters you want. 

Players should receive 20 Star Rail Passes via pre-registration rewards and can use these to reroll. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use these passes on the Rate-Up Character-Oriented banner

Because a five-star character is guaranteed from the departure warp anyway, it is recommended to try and acquire an additional five-star from the Stellar Warp before using your remaining currency to obtain the guaranteed SSR.

Honkai Star Rail
Players can target specific characters by rerolling in Honkai Star Rail. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide: Best Characters To Reroll For

All of the available five-star characters are good in their own right. However, here are some of the best characters to reroll for in Honkai Star Rail. 

  • Seele
    • Character-Oriented Warp character, meaning the initial free currency, cannot be used to acquire this unit. Players will need to play through the game more to acquire Star Rail Special Passes. 
  • Bronya
    • Arguably, the best character in the game at launch, thanks to her buffing potential. 
  • Welt
    • The only Imaginary element character at launch.
  • Bailu
    • One of only two healers available at launch.

And that's how to reroll in Honkai Star Rail!