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Horizon Forbidden West - Best settings tips

There are a few essential adjustments to make before you get playing. Here are the best settings tips for Horizon Forbidden West.
Horizon Forbidden West - Best settings tips

Horizon Forbidden West picks up on the unique lore crafted by Guerilla Games in the game's 2017 predecessor. In this latest iteration, players continue where the series hero Aloy left off about six months later in-game time from the first title.

The developers have provided many ways for players to customise gameplay with Aloy, including a detailed skill tree comprising different moves and specialities. Players can also select between different graphics settings to suit their platform best.

While the game is a PlayStation exclusive, Guerilla Games has differentiated the title between PS4 and PS5 consoles, allowing it to run on both next-gen and previous-gen platforms. So, with that said, here are all the best settings tips for Horizon Forbidden West.

What are the best settings for Horizon Forbidden West?

Players can toggle between the two options by opening the Settings menu and proceeding to the Visuals tab. Then, they must select Graphics Mode and choose the optimal settings for their system.

Horizon Forbidden West best settings
Horizon Forbidden West features some stunning visuals as you progress through the title. (Picture: Guerilla Games)

Here's a detailed look into the graphics settings for both PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 platforms.

Best PS4 graphics settings for Horizon Forbidden West

The difference in PS4 graphics for Horizon Forbidden West will depend on which PlayStation 4 model you own. The Base and Pro models each have different graphics capabilities caps, and Horizon Forbidden West is fixed accordingly.

For example, all PS4 models will run the game at a base setting of 30 FPS. For players on the PS4 Base or Slim models, the resolution capabilities are capped at 1080p.

However, PlayStation 4 Pro model owners have a system that caps at 1800p resolution; therefore, the game will look slightly better on the newer model.

Best PS5 graphics settings for Horizon Forbidden West

PlayStation 5 owners will have more options for optimising their graphics settings since next-gen consoles are capable of much more.

Accordingly, the two graphics modes available for Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 are Favor Performance and Favor Resolution.

Horizon Forbidden West graphics settings arrow
Horizon Forbidden West players on PS5 can choose from multiple graphics modes. (Picture: Guerilla Games)

Selecting the Favor Performance option will let Horizon Forbidden West run at 1800p resolution, targeting 60 FPS with checkerboard rendering. However, the Favor Resolution option is 4K-enabled; therefore, the game will run a 2160p resolution at 30 FPS.

How to switch to Favor Resolution on PS5?

Changing between the available modes are the same as PS4.

Simply navigate to Settings > Visuals > Graphics Mode and choose between the two options. You'll be able to switch at any point in the game, so don't be afraid to play around with the two modes.

Make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Horizon Forbidden West page for all the best guides, game updates, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Guerilla Games.