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Horizon Forbidden West - Skill tree explained

Horizon Forbidden West is now available and players are exploring all the depths of the new title, here is the Horizon Forbidden West skill tree explained.
Horizon Forbidden West - Skill tree explained

Early access is now available for players to enjoy Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, and it's safe to say the interest is at an all-time high. The RPG developed by Guerilla Games provides a totally unique storyline along with stunning visuals and intense gameplay.

The new title is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and takes players through Aloy's quest as she fights to prevent a mysterious plague that threatens humanity. Horizon Forbidden West has a bigger open-world and more to explore than its predecessor, and players have many ways to customize the gameplay.

Skills are a dynamic facet of Horizon Forbidden West and allow players to explore the depths of all the gameplay. Here is the Horizon Forbidden West skill tree explained for players new and experienced.

Horizon Forbidden West skill tree explained
Horizon Forbidden West features over 160 unique skills for players to select from. (Picture: Guerilla Games)

Horizon Forbidden West - Skill tree categories

There are many different skills to select from in Horizon Forbidden West, allowing players to totally customize the gameplay to their style. Skills are broken up into six categories as follows:

  • Warrior
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Survivor
  • Infiltrator
  • Machine Master

With over 160 skills to choose from the six categories, players will gain skill points as they progress the title. Skill points can then be used to unlock more skills, and skills will cost more and more as you get further along Aloy's journey.

Horizon Forbidden West skill categories
Horizon Forbidden West skills are broken up into these six categories. (Picture: Guerilla Games)

Skill tree ultimate abilities - Valor Surges

In addition to the skills, each category has ultimate abilities called Valor Surges. These surges become available when Aloy has filled her "valor meter" and can be absolute game-changing abilities.

Each category contains two Valor Surges making 12 available in total. Valor Surges can also be further upgraded up to three times to enhance their effectiveness.

Here are all 12 Valor Surges and a brief explanation of their effects:

Warrior Valor Surges

  • Critical Boost: Increases critical hits and critical damage
  • Melee Might: Deals more damage with melee attacks

Trapper Valor Surges

  • Elemental Fury: Increases buildup of elemental attacks, gains more resistance to elemental damage
  • Trap Specialist: Increases the effectiveness of traps and tripwires

Hunter Valor Surges

  • Ranged Master: Deals increased damage with ranged weapons
  • Power Shots: Increases damage with Bows, Boltcasters, Ropecasters, and Spike Throwers

Survivor Valor Surges

  • Toughened: Restores health and increases resistance to status effects
  • Overshield: Provides a rechargeable energy shield

Infiltrator Valor Surges

  • Stealth Stalker: Cloaking device (disabled when aiming or using melee attacks)
  • Radial Blast: Triggers a powerful shockwave damaging all enemies in the vicinity

Machine Master Valor Surges

  • Part Breaker: Deals increased damage to machine components and weak spots
  • Chain Burst: Damage chains from between enemies within 15 meters, also boosts knockdown power

Do note, Valor Surges cost more points to unlock than normal skills, in addition to having to fill the valor meter. For beginner players, check out our best skills guide helping you spend those free points wisely in the early onset of Horizon Forbidden West.


Featured image courtesy of Guerilla Games.