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How to find the Death's Door key code in Horizon Forbidden West?

Are you trying to unlock the bunker door at the Latopolis facility? Here’s where to find the key code during the Death’s Door quest.
How to find the Death's Door key code in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West's Death's Door is riddled with puzzles and many secrets to uncover as Aloy explores a research facility. However, many of these doors are locked, making locating the key code less fruitful.

The game does well without revealing too many clues on how and where to find keycodes; however, a neat trick can help solve this mystery and unlock the doors. Since we will be providing some spoilers, here's how players can help Aloy uncover the key code in the Death's Door quest.

Where to find the key code for Death's Door?

During the "Death's Door" quest, players are tasked with retrieving a key code for a locked door somewhere within the Latopolis facility. This occurs after they've discovered HADES and shared some dialogue with Sylens.

horizon forbidden west deaths door quest key code locked door firegleam
Use the Firegleam Ignitor to blast open the door to access the next room. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

Players will have obtained a Firegleam Ignitor attachment, which they can upgrade before proceeding inside the facility. After much exploring and traversing within the facility, they'll find a locked door with another right behind them.

Upon inspecting the door behind them, a datapoint must be scanned using Focus. Afterwards, it produces a message that players can view within the Notebook. Aside from this Datapoint, they can find an Ancient Supply Box to loot the materials contained.

horizon forbidden west deaths door quest key code text log
After scanning the Datapoint, players can find the key code with the text log. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

This notebook entry, titled "Bad Urges", contains a text log that details Faro's files on a particular assignment called Project Gossamer. While the message rants about some of the machines attached to the project, it refers to a "Sovereign 7482".

The game is known for its Ruin puzzles, which have messages and codes hidden within the puzzles. Accordingly, the key code is hidden within the message.

horizon forbidden west deaths door quest key code terminal
After obtaining the key code, head to the terminal and enter the code to unlock the door. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

The key code for the terminal to unlock the door is 7482.

With the key code in hand, enter it on the terminal to unlock the door and continue your progression in the Death's Door quest. Players can use the above method to open the remaining doors within the facility, and who knows what you may find in the rooms behind them.

Continue working your way throughout the facility as they look to obtain the GAIA backup and uncover new secrets that await them in the facility.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Trophy Tom for the complete walkthrough of obtaining the key code in Death's Door for Horizon Forbidden West.


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