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Horizon Forbidden West: Release date, gameplay, story, editions and more

PS5’s first major 2022 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West releases in just a few weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about it.
Horizon Forbidden West: Release date, gameplay, story, editions and more

The highly anticipated sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, is finally releasing after getting delayed multiple times.

Much like its predecessor, Horizon Forbidden West puts players into the shoes of charismatic and daunting Aloy, who ventures into the Forbidden West to face new formidable enemies and prevent a mysterious plague that threatens humanity.

Horizon Forbidden West features a larger and more dynamic open-world than Horizon Zero Dawn. Among the many feature attractions include deadlier machines to hunt, a diverse and flexible combat system to suit different playlists, gorgeous visuals, and a harrowing tale of heroism and tribalism that tests Aloy to her limits.

Horizon Forbidden West seems like a step-up from Horizon Zero Dawn in every possible way. While it's too early to predict whether it would exceed fans expectations or not, here's everything you need to know about it before it launches exclusively on the PS4 and PS5.

What is Horizon Forbidden West release date?

Horizon Forbidden West launches on the 18th of February 2022. So naturally, a cross-gen release of a game that looks and runs spectacularly on the PS5 is bound to have a certain level of scepticism, especially if it releases anything like Cyberpunk 2077.

horizon forbidden west release date
Tremortusks are a new breed of machines in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

However, Guerrilla Games have confirmed, "the game will look fantastic" even on a base PS4 since the game's development started on the same platform. Unfortunately, Guerrilla Games have yet to show Horizon Forbidden West running on PS4 consoles even though we are just a few weeks away from its release.

Horizon Forbidden West: Editions and pre-order bonuses

Players can pre-order five different editions of Horizon Forbidden West.

Standard Edition ($69.99 - PS5 | $59.99 - PS4)

  • Horizon Forbidden West game 
  • Nora Legacy Outfit (pre-order bonus)
  • Nora Legacy Spear (pre-order bonus)

Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99)

  • Everything included in Standard Edition
  • Special Outfits (Carja Behemoth Elite and Nora Thunder Elite)
  • Special Weapons (Carja Behemoth Short Bow and Nora Thunder Sling)
  • In-game Resource Pack (ammunition, potions, and travel packs)
  • In-game Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike Piece
  • Special Photo Mode pose and face paint 
  • Digital Art Book
  • Digital Soundtrack
preorder horizon forbidden west
The Regalla Edition is the most premium edition of Horizon Forbidden West you can pre-order. (Picture: PlayStation)

Collector's Edition ($199.99)

  • Everything included in Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Horizon Forbidden West SteelBook Display Case
  • A custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue.

Regalla Edition ($259.99)

  • Everything included in Digital Deluxe Edition
  • A Regalla-themed, custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue
  • Replica Focus and custom stand
    2 Art Print Cards
  • Replica Sunwing and Clawstrider Machine Physical Strike Pieces
  • Canvas Map

Horizon Forbidden West: Storyline

Horizon Forbidden West takes place six months after the events of Zero Dawn. Aloy's ( voiced and performed by Ashly Burch) quest to unravel the mysteries of the old world takes her to the Forbidden West, a vast and deadly frontier engulfed in a mysterious plague and massive storms.

Moreover, new ferocious tribes, including Tenakth, who possess the power to control machines, roam these areas and will be a major obstacle in Aloy's path to save the world from the dooming plague.

Horizon Forbidden West: Gameplay

The basics from Horizon Zero Dawn carries over in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy's primary weapon remains a bow that is type and tribes specific.

Some of the new variants on display in recent Forbidden West trailers include the Tenkakth Ranger Sharpshot Bow and Nora Elite Hunter Bow.

horizon forbidden west storline
Aloy will come across more formidable foes in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

There are also new elemental types, such as acid and plasma. Some of the latest confirmed weapons include the Shredder Gauntlet and Javelin Thrower. In addition, smoke bombs, adhesive grenades, and a powerful ability called "Valour Surges" are new additions to the upcoming sequel.

Beyond this, the game features a fully explorable open-world with new underwater exploration and combat that should elevate the gameplay experience from the past entry.

horizon forbidden west gameplay
Players can battle Slitherfangs and other machines in the new arena for rewards. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is shaping up to be an immensely ambitious sequel that improves upon its predecessor in every aspect.

Thankfully enough, fans won't have to wait much longer to get their hands on it.


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Featured image courtesy of Guerrilla Games.