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Horizon Forbidden West: The Daunt Vista Point & Relic Ruins guide

The Daunt features connecting quests for players to complete and earn rewards. Here's how to complete the Vista Point and Relic Ruins quests in Horizon Forbidden West.
Horizon Forbidden West: The Daunt Vista Point & Relic Ruins guide

Horizon Forbidden West comes with a vast open-world map filled with main story quests, explorative side quests and collectables to complete. In the opening segments of the game, players will explore one of the game's locations, The Daunt, offering new activities to earn XP and loot amongst things.

There are two adjacent collectable quests, Vista Point: The Daunt and the Relic Ruins: The Daunt they can complete. This guide will detail how to find the Vista Point and complete the Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to find the Vista Point: The Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Daunt is a playable area located on the western edge of the Sundom region near the Forbidden West. Locating the Vista Point Tower in this area can be found at the bottom of the destroyed footbridge between a set of encampments nearby a Charger Mount station.

Following the footpath will lead players to the satellite tower, which they can scan using the Focus ability. This will bring up a silhouette image from the past; the location is nearby the tower.

The only clue players will be given is that the building is positioned against the cliff and near a bridge. Navigate left alongside the riverbank from the tower's location until you spot remnants of a bridge.

Then climb onto the bridge and, using your Focus once again, scan the area to fit the silhouette against the site to complete the Vista Point task and earn 1500 XP.

The silhouette image from the Vista Point is connected to the Relic Ruins quest, which you can complete following this collectable quest.

How to complete the Relic Ruins: The Daunt quest in Horizon Forbidden West?

Should players choose to complete the Relic Ruins: The Daunt following the Vista Point, they must cross to the other side of the bridge to get to the building. This Relic Ruin is a seedy hotel which they'll need to trigger the quest first by going inside the hotel.

This quest tasks players to explore the hotel to obtain a key module and code that unlocks a door somewhere in the building. They'll immediately find a crate on the northern side of the building, which they can position near a ledge to the upper floor.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins first blue crate
Before triggering the quest, players will pass the first crate when entering the hotel. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

Next, players must Climb to the upper floor to find the locked door to their right; however, they will need to locate a balcony to the left to find a wooden ramp. Afterwards, players must cross the ramp to the other side of the hotel and drop down to a space where they'll find a Datapoint on a couch.

Players must then scan the Datapoint using Focus to view its Notebook entry and obtain the locked door's passcode. However, before they navigate back to the locked door, there is another area of the hotel that they need to clear.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins datapoint couch
The Datapoint can be spotted resting on the couch in the next area. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

Players must orient themselves facing upwards from the Datapoint's location to spot a crate with a vent cover. There is also a metal bar running alongside it. Using your Pullcaster, target the vent crate and pull the cover down before lowering the metal bar.

Turn to face the opposite side of the room to find another crate; only this crate needs to be dragged down. Reposition the crate near the metal bar to climb into the vent to reach the next area.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins large hole in floor
Where do you think this large hole leads? (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

In the centre of this area is a large opening, which will drop players into the hotel's basement. Going right will lead them to a space with beams against a wall.

Climbing onto one will bring the entire wall down, so players will need to find another way out of the basement. Travel left into the basement to find a blue metal bar that they can pull on using the Pullcaster to collapse the floor above.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins basement corridor blue metal bar
Use the Pullcaster to bring down a floor above Aloy. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

Players must then head back up to the surface and locate another blue metal bar to pull on it to release the wall. Next, they must jump over the small hole in the floor to find another crate to their left. Move the crate into the small hole before dropping down.

Afterwards, push the crate down the corridor to the collapsed beams' back wall. Climb onto the crate and then jump onto the narrow vertical beams running upwards to the roof.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins wooden roof ancient supply box
Swing yourself onto the wooden box to find an Ancient Supply Box to loot. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

Players must then swing themself onto the wooden roof nearby, where they can find an Ancient Supply Box to loot. Then, head towards the edge to find the wooden balcony before jumping onto it.

They'll find the key module on the balcony with a glowing white icon above it. Move towards the end of the balcony to find another Ancient Supply Box and horizontal metal beams to get them onto the roof again.

horizon forbidden west guide the daunt relic ruins locked door key code key module
Having acquired the key code and module, unlock the door and loot the items inside the room. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

This will bring them back to the first area where the locked door was found. Cross the clearing to the left side of the room and cross over the wooden ramp to the locked door.

Using the key code and module obtained, players can unlock the door to find an ornament inside. There is another Ancient Supply Box in this room, concluding the Relic Ruins: The Daunt quest.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Trophy Tom for the complete walkthroughs of the Vista Point: The Daunt and Relic Ruins: The Daunt for Horizon Forbidden West. Be sure to subscribe to their channel and leave a 'thank you' note.


Featured image courtesy of Guerrilla Games.