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Where to find all the Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West

This guide reveals all six Tallnecks locations and how to override them to unlock new map areas in Horizon Forbidden West.
Where to find all the Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West

Tallnecks are communication machines that transmit information on areas to other devices. Similarly to Horizon Forbidden West's predecessor, these machines grant Aloy access to new map areas once overridden and award her Skill Points for the effort.

Guerrilla Games have gotten creative about how players locate these machines by linking them to main and side quests and hidden activities. So, with that said, here is where to find all six Tallnecks and how to override them.

Horizon Forbidden West: All Tallneck locations

This guide will have you cover lots of ground, so be prepared to do some serious grunt work.

Cinnabar Sands

This Tallneck is the first Aloy will encounter, and it is the easiest to override. The Cinnabar Sands Tallneck can be discovered through the main questline after completing Death's Door, as it can be spotted roaming nearby a satellite dish between Stone's Echo and Plainsong.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations cinnabar sands map
The map location of the Tallneck at Cinnabar Sands in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

To successfully override the machine, players will need to head towards the satellite dish, jump off and glide towards the Tallneck. But, first, they must locate the access ladder on the side of the satellite and climb to the top until Aloy can't climb any further.

A satellite console requires a power cell to operate, which can be found on a nearby ledge. There's a ladder to the console's right, which players can drop down, scale and swing onto a horizontal beam, reaching the ledge below.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations cinnbar sands power cell satellite dish
Grab the power cell to restore power to a generator and activate the dish console. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Next, they must remove the energy cell from the main power line and jump off the satellite to find a generator that requires the power cell. Then, players must insert the power cell to restore the console and climb back up to activate it.

They'll need to untangle the dish to return to its original position before using the ladder to climb onto it. From here, if players time their jump, they can glide off the dish onto the Tallneck to override it and rappel back to the ground.

The Stillsands

Players must travel to Camp Nowhere and head south to find The Stillsands Tallneck near a small campsite. There will be a small machine carcass lying down for Aloy to investigate.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations the stillsands map
The map location of the Tallneck at The Stillsands in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

This carcass will activate the associated quest, whereby players will need to investigate the camp and the equipment. After determining that the machine attacked the nearby campsite, Aloy must bring down the Tallneck to repair and override it.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations the stillsands harpoon
Use the harpoons to bring down the Tallneck to override it. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Using the harpoon guns scattered around at the camp to bring down the Tallneck, players must also fight waves of machines that prevent them from taking the Tallneck down.

Then, once the Tallneck crashes onto the ground, players must climb onto its head and override it, which will bring it back up and continue walking around the area.

The Shining Wastes

Players can obtain this Tallneck quest from "The Wings of the Ten" main story quest, which will ask them to override the Tallneck as an objective. This is located west of Arrowhead, where they'll need to override and mount a Sunwing which will aid them in reaching the top of the Tallneck.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations the shining wastes sunwing mount flying
Override and mount a Sunwing to fly over the desert in locating a Tallneck. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Players must fly west from the Sunwing Site to find the Tallneck roaming across the desert. Then, they must position the Sunwing to descend and land onto the Tallneck, where Aloy can then override to complete the objective and progress further into the quest.

Salt Bite

Since the map only shows five Tallnecks, this one remains hidden and can be accessed through Cauldron: IOTA. However, the Salt Bite Tallneck is not hard to miss as players will need to override it to complete the Cauldron.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations caludron iota facility override
Enter the Cauldron IOTA facility and locate the Tallneck. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

After acquiring the overrides from the core and traversing across the multiple Forges and platforms below it, players can rappel themselves onto a platform to release the Tallneck's head.

Once it's been released, they must override it before completing the rest of the Cauldron objectives in finding their way out of the facility.

The Stand of the Sentinels

On the west coast of Cliffwatch, this Tallneck is roaming within a forest which Aloy can use the wooden platforms within the trees to navigate towards the Tallneck. Using Focus, players must find suitable surfaces to climb onto, including ladders, ziplines and large branches.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations stand of the sentinels map
The map location of the Tallneck at Cliffwatch in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Using their glider, players must traverse the trees and the platforms until they are high enough to jump onto the Tallneck. Then, they must scale to reach the top of the Tallneck to override the machine.


This Tallneck is partially submerged as its head is above the water surface, resting on a ruin. Players must scan the machine to find its missing power cells, which they'll need to retrieve from machines lurking in the area.

horizon forbidden west guide tallnecks locations landfall submerged ruins
The Tallneck is partially submerged near the beaches of Cliffwatch. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Players must locate each machine and obtain the power cells before returning to the Tallneck, restoring its power. The Tallneck will rise back up; however, they need to reach its head to complete the override.

Players can traverse each rooftop using the ruins nearby before leaping onto the Tallneck. Next, they must climb upon its neck and override the machine once at the Tallneck's head.

With all the Tallneck locations outlined, players should be able to override these machines and open up more portions of the map.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WarbyGaming for the full tutorial on the Tallneck locations and how to override them.


Featured image courtesy of Guerrilla Games.