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Early Footage Of Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Has Leaked Online

Several minutes of early alpha development footage of a Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer game has supposedly been leaked online.
Early Footage Of Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Has Leaked Online

Guerrilla Games' hit 2022 action RPG Horizon Forbidden West was praised as a masterpiece, thanks to its enthralling combat, impressive visuals, and engaging storyline. Despite this, all Horizon games have been single-player -- including the upcoming spinoff "Horizon Call of the Mountain" for the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2). That said, a new leak claims that a multiplayer title is potentially... on the Horizon (pun intended).

Recently on 28 January 2023, leaked concept art and over ten minutes of "very early" development footage of a Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer game have begun circulating online. According to the leaker on Reddit, the leaked game footage is from a "very old alpha" build, dating back to the Summer of 2020. Further to this, the leak is believed to be genuine, according to a VGC source; however, it is unknown what the game might look like now.

Noteworthy, user responses about the leaked Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer footage have been mixed. One user liked the diverse character models but hoped they would look less "cartoonish" and have a less green hue. Another user expressed their concern about the game potentially straying too far from the style of the main Horizon games, with another noting that it resembles a "Fortnite from Wish" aesthetic.

It's worth noting that developer Guerrilla Games confirmed that a co-op Horizon game was in development last year. In a Twitter post on 16 December 2022, the company wrote: "We are continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy. But there is more. A new internal team is developing a separate Online Project set in Horizon's universe. Featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look, friends will be able to explore the majestic wolds of Horizon together."

While news of a potential Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer looks promising, it's important to note that the information provided is based on leaked early alpha game footage and should thus be taken with a grain of salt. In addition, these details are subject to change, so it's best to wait until the developers or publishers make an official announcement. Until then, fans can instead look forward to the new PlayStation 5-exclusive Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC expansion and PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain spinoff title.